The Sad Side Of Kickstarter

The Sad Side Of Kickstarter

From half-million-dollar busts to Russia/Ukraine information wars, the world of Kickstarter is filled with sad stories of money gone to waste and fans left frustrated.

It's important to view Kickstarter through the right lens — every donation you make is a gamble — but still, if you've been following the news lately, you've probably developed at least some level of scepticism toward the power of crowdfunding. Just how many Kickstarters have actually delivered what they promised?

This great comic from the funny folks at Dorkly pretty much nails it.


    The guy in that comic looks like that gross dude in those Event/Greater Union Cinema Online ticket ads they play before movies...

    This is why I don't preorder games on Kickstarter...

    I have however had plenty of luck with design projects ( The big picture x 2, taktik by lunatik, flow, spirit steelers, whisker diagram, among others)

    I wouldn't even buy an early access game unless it's pretty much finished.

    I guess so far I've been lucky with Kickstarter, or maybe just careful enough? I guess it helps that most of my pledges have been for physical books of webcomics (which seems to be a pretty safe bet). Planetary Annihilation seems to be going pretty good, and there's one other game I've backed that seems to still be getting updates, but that one is still early days so we'll see how it goes :P

    Hah! Nice comic. Thankfully, haven't experienced anything like that in Kickstarter. Then again, I've generally backed game projects from well established and experienced developers.

    My latest backed project is Ninja Pizza Girl (, created by Aussie developers Disparity Games. The family team seem to have a good amount of experience.

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