The Silent Hills Teaser Isn't Nearly As Scary When It Glitches Out

I think I speak for everyone when I say that P.T. might as well stand for "Pretty Effin' Terrifying." That is, of course, unless things stop working in the demo. Then things get kind of hilarious.

Obviously, if you don't want to be spoiled on Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's teaser for their new horror project, Silent Hills, then you probably shouldn't read further or watch the videos.

Lisa, the ghost-wife you periodically encounter while navigating the same hallway over and over again in P.T., can totally glitch out when you encounter her, as you can see in the many clips provided by NSX Hosni. And it seems like a number of people have encountered this specific glitch, too:

To Lisa's credit, going to digital hell means that players put their guards down — and in at least one of these clips, she does a jump scare after glitching out. That jump scare was probably way more horrible than it would have been had it happened naturally.

But overall, heh. I'm glad I didn't encounter this while playing, else it would have ruined the experience for me a little bit!


    Where is this on the playstation store? Couldnt find it in the AU one...

      It's called P.T demo it's in the demos section of the ps4 store.

      Head over to games and then demo. Should be the only one there

    How come everyone's game is so bright. Mine is so dark I can't see Lisa in that hallway until I walked super close. In game brightness is already maxed out.

      Turn up the brightness on your tv

        I'm too lazy to turn up the brightness for just one game, I think it is already around 70-80 brightness now. Maybe that's why it scares me more than other people since everything is so dark lol.

          Mine's the same and I reckon that's how it should be played anyway

      Mine was way darker until I remembered I had fiddled with the settings to make Ico look not awful (the contrast in that game is brutal). Much brighter now.

    For those who are wondering about the technical side. It looks as though the Ghost is running through the motions (shake idle -> sprint to player ->shake idle) however it is meant to be invisible after the "sprint" as it moves to the next location. The bug or glitch is that the object isn't turning off after the "sprint" event.

    What they should have done was pretend for her to glitch out then BAM turn around and give you a heart attack

    Does anyone managed to get to the ending yet? I still couldn't trigger the 2nd baby laugh after following a lot of steps. I don't have a mic :(

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