The Sims 4 Without Toddlers Looks… Weird

The Sims 4 will have no toddlers. None. You can look in ball pits, on precariously high tables, at Lego-eating conventions — anywhere. You will not find them. Many players are upset. How will the game work without that crucial stage of development? Like this.

So that’s a bit, um… strange. Don’t get me wrong: I wish I could’ve literally front-flipped right through the years where I drove my parents craziest and was most likely to be carried away by larger breeds of eagle, but it’s certainly not natural.

The sound you hear afterward is the player selecting a trait for their newly mutated Sim, a process that ultimately leads to new abilities and lifelong goals. Just, you know, in case you were curious.

This might not be the most elegant process, but I actually had a pretty good time playing The Sims 4 recently. Granted, I spent most of it performing demented social experiments in the name of, uh, science (sure, let’s go with that), but I can’t deny that it seems like a well put-together game, toddlers or not.

So there you go. That’s Sims 4 without toddlers. Is it a super crucial feature for you, or do you think first words, first steps, and first traumatic experiences that set the stage for all future crippling insecurities are totally overrated?


  • The Sims 1 has toddlers, The Sims 2 has toddlers, The Sims 3 has toddlers but The Sims 4 does not… Why does the newest game in the series have LESS in it than a game released in 2000 that could run on the Nintendo GameCube?

    • Actually, there were no toddlers in the original The Sims game or any of its expansion packs. They came in with The Sims 2. I don’t think its a matter of hardware power either. I don’t really care that toddlers and pools will be absent from the base game this time, they were pretty boring in the previous games to be honest. You could never really get Sims to do anything interesting in pools and toddlers just made it harder for you to do what you want with the rest of the family.

      So yeah I’d prefer them to leave them out than to do a half arsed job with them.

      • On the other hand, I like to think that with all the new features and focus on emotional state a toddler stage could really add something special to the game. Rather than just “selecting a trait for their newly mutated Sim”, interactions with the toddler stage could mess some variables around and the trait could be calculated based on what the toddler “learns”.
        Treat a toddler badly and they’re more likely to grow up depressive or evil. Treat them friendly and their future personalty reflects that.

        It just seems like a missed opportunity.
        … Or a carefully planned cash in when the developers manage to implement a personality shaping system.

      • Sims 4 is saying “Well let’s have them skip from a baby that stares at the ceiling all day (…) to a fully functional like 10 year old? If you needed to take out a life stage, why not Adult?! You have young adult and adult which could go together easily and don’t have much of any noticeable difference in TS3.

    • The Sims 1 did not have toddlers, toddlers were not introduced until The Sims 2. That is exactly the same as how you aged up in The Sims 1. However, on a positive the baby is more realistic and isn’t covered with a cloth.

  • All I have seen is people complaining about this game. Not your article I mean but comments, threads.. things like that. Its everywhere, people are not happy about this game. Thank you for saying its fun to play and pointing that out to people.
    All this fuss over toddlers.. down with toddlers!! We get object resizing! EMOTIONS! I’m happy about the divided neighborhoods.. sometimes it took forever to go anywhere! And what is the difference
    about not following the sims to work.. What is the difference?? They went into a rabbithole and you couldn’t see them anyway, how was that more fun? I did see a list of things that aren’t included and some of them I was thinking oh wow thats weird.. but its a NEW GAME! They’re taking it in a somewhat different direction. I don’t mind paying for some of the things I had in the past down the line. Theres nothing stopping any of us from playing the games we already have if we like them better. I don’t think the emotions are overrated at all. I think its a perfect way to add new types of fun into our experience. I like that we have less definite control over them and a more goal oriented system, its interesting. Can’t wait for it to be released, I think it’s going to be amazing.

  • I actually hated toddlers in Sims 3 until I purchased the play pen, walker and swing in the Store. With those, I can virtually leave my toddlers completely alone and let them teach themselves to walk and talk. They just need to be potty trained. I hated how much time it took out of my adult sim’s lives. Before that set, I would hire a babysitter, even when my sims stayed home…especially if I had more then one little one. So, no, I’m not that upset about not having toddlers.

    As for pools…I rarely use them, even with the Seasons and Island Paradise expansions. While I’m not positive, there is a decent possibility that pools will return with a future expansion pack. If I recall correctly, the young adult was not introduced in Sims 2, until the University expansion. So, keeping that in mind, there is also a slight possibility that toddlers will return with an expansion. However, don’t count on either one. Sims 4 is an entirely different game, and as such, there will be brand new, probably never before seen stuff, that show up in expansions.

    Personally, I can’t wait to see what they do with vampires (assuming of course, that they return) in the Sims 4. I also can’t wait to see what they do with Pets. I think that the 2 most anticipated expansions will be Pets and Seasons.

  • Maybe I’m in the minority but i don’t get the fuss. For me the toddler stage was something i had to get thru but never enjoyed much in the Sims. The pools I will miss more~or rather i would if it were coming to macs anytime soon~le sigh~
    Haha plus all those upset can almost 90% be sure that one of the many expansion packs will have toddlers and pools.

  • I am SO sick of some Sim fans telling others they have no right to dislike this version. There are basically two schools of Simmers. Group 1: Views it as an outstanding simulation game that should closely mimic the real world (jobs, romance, all stages of life) with the exception of a “little” whimsy”. And thus far, 1-3 have done an excellent job of this (minus tots in Sims 1). They have progressively added aspects of reality.
    Group 2: Wants it to be pure fantasy. They have always wanted the game to stray more from reality & more toward things like magic, aliens, & laughing to death. Group 2 is ecstatic about the Sims 4 & could care less about missing pools & toddlers. Quite naturally, since they’ve gotten what they wanted as The Sims 4 will be pretty much fantasy. Group 1 is furious at the direction they’ve taken the Sims 4. And rightfully so. This is a HUGE change from what I feel the game set out to be. And yes, I belong to Group 1. I feel that this is a SIMULATION game & should have been left that way. EA should have realized there were other simulation games for fantasy (World of Warcraft, Runescape, etc. etc.) and kept the Sims realistic for the majority of its fans, who by all my accounts, are generally Group 1. Point blank period. End of discussion.

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