The Three Faces Of Mortal Kombat X Raiden

The Three Faces Of Mortal Kombat X Raiden

Is it odd that I’m less excited about the new characters coming in Mortal Kombat X next year than I am having three different versions of my old favourites, each with their own play style? Meet Combo Raiden, Mobility Raiden and Control Raiden.

Or Thunder God, Displacer and Storm Lord Raiden, if you want to get all official about it -- either way, it's a triple play of electrical ouchies for whomever he finds himself up against.

I am a little worried spreading out the skills between three iterations of the same character will result in three less-than-optimal characters, but until I've gotten my greasy little paws on the game there's just no telling.


  • A part of me thought there was going to be 3 radically different skins, with one resembling Christopher Lambert…

  • Part of me loved that we went right back to basics with part 9. I remember when they went to the whole ‘3 fighting styles’ with previous games and it was *SHIT*. It never worked at all. I’m praying they got it right here, because it’s never worked properly in an MK game before :\

    • The difference here is, you choose the style you want before the match starts, and you stick with it. With the way it worked previously, you switched fighting styles on the fly mid-match.

      I actually personally liked the 3 different fighting styles of those MK games, although it did work a bit better once they streamlined it to 2 styles (a hand-to-hand and a weapon style) in Armageddon.

      Also, by the looks of these videos, it’s not so much a complete switchup in fighting styles this time around, it looks more like a variation of special moves while the base normal moves remain the same.

        • Not unless it’s a tournament with multiple rounds. Then you can switch between rounds. Probably could make a few matches more exciting than the players just choosing the same characters again.

          • Between rounds will be fine, I just misread it as the same thing again of switching midfight. Glad it’s not that. If it’s done properly, it’ll essentially triple the roster more or less.

          • I’d say you’ll see the same or similar variations for each character, and I guess that is so you can play your favourite characters no matter what style you feel you need, instead of needing to switch character completely to fill specialised roles.

            Which is great for newer players or players (like me) who have trouble remembering combos for more than one or two characters.

          • Well as I said, after watching the video it doesn’t look like a completely different character with a completely different moveset. It’s just variations of the character’s special moves and combos while the basic normal moveset remains the same.

        • Yeah if you watch the video, you clearly choose the style you want on the character selection screen (after choosing your character).

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