The Worst Cop Movie Ever Has A (Fake) Video Game

Samurai Cop might be the best/worst 90s cop movie ever made. Think The Room crossed with Lethal Weapon, somehow spliced with that Loaded Weapon spoof movie starring Samuel L. Jackson. It's the best. Samurai Cop is a cult classic, basically because it's completely terrible.

Now I've been looking for a decent enough reason to write about Samurai Cop on Kotaku, and now I've finally found it. A completely fake, retro video game based on the movie operating on the fictional notion that someone tried to make a Samurai Cop video game back in the early 90s.

This video is totally only going to make sense if you know Samurai Cop and are aware of the in-jokes that have built up around this amazingly bad piece of cinema. So if you've never heard of the movie this is your chance to play catch-up. I recommend you do. It will change your life. In fact, the major reason I've written this post is to introduce as many people as possible to its charms.

You're welcome.


    Too good. Or bad.
    Either way will have to track this down.

    HAHA his hair changes colour in the first clip between 1:28 and 1:33 after it cuts away

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