There's A Female Link, And Her Name Is Linkle

There's A Female Link, And Her Name Is Linkle

Did you know there's a female version of Link? I didn't! But according to a recently released Hyrule Warriors art book, there is. Well, sorta.

The art book supplement shows character designs for Hyrule Warriors as well as designs for various "original" characters.

There's A Female Link, And Her Name Is Linkle

Included in that is a "girl version of hero Link" (勇者のリンクの女の子版) called "Linkle" (リンクル or "Rinkuru" in Japanese). The above image is from GoNintendo.

The art book explicitly states that the character was "devised as being sister-like" (note that the text actually says, 妹的 or "imouto teki", which means "little sister-like". On English language sites, some people are are confusing "little sister" (妹 or imouto) with "daughter" (娘 or musume) and incorrectly believing that this is Link's daughter. It's not.

There's A Female Link, And Her Name Is Linkle

Picture: nintendokyo

I think it's a bridge too far to say this is actually Link's sister as Koei Tecmo, the game's developers, aren't out to rewrite Hyrule lore. Linkle looks more like an archetypical "little sister" type character like you see in anime as opposed to Link's actual siblings.

Even though female Link appears on a page called "previously unseen rejected characters," it sure would be surprising if Linkle didn't end up in Hyrule Warriors at some point.

Hyrule Warrior's Artbook Pictures - Shows off Female Link Concept Art [Go Nintendo]


    Rinkuru is a cute name.
    Although to be honest I think Link works just as well for a female Link.

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      I think Rinkuru is better mainly because means it makes it easy to know which link you mean

    I snorted aloud at the name "Linkle". Adorable.

    History lesson time. So both loz & metroid were made in the same year & both were meant to be a link to 2 different game genres (fantasy & sci-fi), plus I am pretty sure by not having their genders revealed when they were created, nintendo would of waited until it was appropriate to have gender choice for both games like in the pokemon games & if they'd done that, that would of meant both players would of played as any of the genders. Plus with the revelation of linkle, I would hazard a guess that there is hidden character art of a MALE samus deep inside nintendo, because before that fateful vote to have samus as a woman, I'd bet there would of been some art of samus as a man. plus I also hazard a guess that this info may fuel fanfiction writers retelling both series via rule 63 (make a character the opposite gender) & the what if implications of for both. Wow this revelation may be good
    Ps. I have come accross some art on deviantart that may have prempted this & may be freaky

    Noooo, her name should be "Linka", with the power of WIND!

      I am downvoting you, not because I disprove of your amusing comment, but because I had to stave of a facepalm :P

    Really! First "Lorule", now "Linkle", I'm sorry but that is just bad, I think the people at Nintendo are out of ideas in the name department.

      To be fair this is Koei Tecmo's work, not really Nintendo's.
      I do like the way she looks with that crossbow though, I honestly wouldn't mind seeing these designs implemented in some form later.

      Wait till you hear about his bigger, slightly overweight, strong and slightly dumb cousin. His name is Lunk.

    Kind of disappointed they rejected her from Hyrule Warriors. Would have been a good way to actually test the actual fan reaction to the concept rather than just listening to the people whinging about it on the internet.

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    Wrong article. D:

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