These Pants Are The Best/Worst Pre-Order Bonus Ever

I think I'm done ranting about pre-order bonuses, they're here to stay and there's nothing we can do about it. I can, however, laugh at how incredibly weird the whole situation is becoming. Take these pre-order pants for example — how can anyone get mad at pre-order pants?

Pre-order pants.


I can't say these words without pissing myself laughing. Add to this the fact that said pre-order pants give you extra speed?

Oh man, this is just too good. It's too good. Bravo Ubisoft. Bravo.


I'm dying.

I'm dead.

Via Soixante-Neuf


    I think Sonic is a shining example of the fact that no pants makes you go faster.

      Ever run 100m race without pants?
      I bet you run a hell of a lot faster without pants.
      mostly because it would be awkward and you probably want to put your pants on.

        Are you wearing undies? cos that could be pretty painful 100m

          Ohhhhh the chafing !

            How fast are you chafing i think you need medical attention if you are chafing from 100m run.

              Hey even Usain Bolt visits the forums sometimes !!!

              now if you'll excuse me I'm off to get some McNuggets.

        Women's 100 m finals. That's fast and the time they spend before the starting gun goes off is much longer than the actual running.

    I'm surprised they didn't announce you can play as a female assassin if you pre-order =P

    I know I know! I just couldn't resist the call back =P

    "Pre-order and gain the ability to jump."
    "Pre-order and receive swimming lessons."
    "Pre-order and get this thing that we nerfed or cut out of the game, for free!"

    Yet another reason why Ubisoft suck.

      Um, they made a derogatory comment about mario kart just last night & were forced to take the comment down

    Are these in-game pants?

      Exactly! The ad doesn't say whether these are in-game or real life pants. I assume real life pants that increase my real life speed, else false advertising.

    Pfft, everybody knows shoes make you run faster. That's why one of Sonic's powerups is shoes.

      Everyone knows you run faster with a knife!

    So this game gets pre order pants, while dead or alive keeps on making costume fetish dlcs costumes for its female characters. I don't know what is worse the former or the later

    Does this mean I'd you don't preorder your character doesn't get to wear pants?

    Because that's a pretty good incentive not to preorder.

      -1% HP every 5 seconds that you run at full speed.

        Hey, maybe the game will finally be a challenge. Considering you have enough health to survive several deadly attacks, armour to reduce those attacks to survive longer and about 20 potions that fully heal.

      Oh no... I would pre-order if the dudes weren't wearing pants...

      (I'm kidding, that's gross, dangly bits, ew.)

    In Morrowind, I enchanted pants to make me run faster.
    I called them Speed Pants.

    I thought they meant you get pants IRL that increase your speed.

    was totally amazed!

    I liked assassin's creed with no pants. This whole pants business has just turned it into more of a Rpg. I know weapons had stats, but those stats did little.

    Pants that make you run faster? Sounds like Tomba/Tombi to me

    A Quote from Harvey Bird-Man comes to mind "I My Pants"

    So are we talking about pants in the British sense (ie underwear) or the American/Australian one. Where do the French stand on the pants debate?

      Well, the French had a saying 'sans culotte' meaning "without pants" (in a British sense, but back then peeps didn't have undies). This meant you were a commoner, since you didn't wear those white tights... so I guess if you buy the pants, then you join the aristocracy, and if you don't buy the pants, then you get to cut the nobles' heads off?

      I am not pre-ordering. I want Arno to run around with his rear exposed.

    Can we get a Popsugar opinion on how fashionable the pants are?

    "they’re here to stay and there’s nothing we can do about it" DON'T BUY THE GAME! Or at least don't pre-order it. The only way to make them stop is to stop giving them money for asshat tactics.

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