This Is An Overdose Of Attack On Titan Manga

This is an Overdose of Attack on Titan Manga

I've been reading the Attack on Titan manga for a while now, but ever since the anime came out, things have been getting out of hand.

From its (relative) humble beginnings as a somewhat bizarre manga story about a world where humanity must live behind walls to protect itself from predatory giants, the success of Attack on Titan is like something out of a dream. With a popular anime, video games, tonsofcommercialtie-ins, gay porn (what?), and a live action movie in the works, the series has become something of a global subculture phenomenon.

The latest issue of the manga series, #14, came out this month and I hopped by my local bookstore to pick up a copy, and this is what I saw in the stack of new releases.

This is an Overdose of Attack on Titan Manga

Picture: Toshi Nakamura/Kotaku

9, count them, 9 different series, including the original manga series, all about Attack on Titan. And this is just the new release pile. Good lord. Attack on Titan is a massive smash hit, it's true. But there's a saturation point for even the best of things.

For those who might be wondering, I only bought the issue #14 I went there for. Yeah, the story's getting pretty... interesting.


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