This Is My Favourite JB Hi-Fi Review Of All Time

Look. I know it's a big call, but I'm making it. This is my new favourite JB Hi-Fi game review of all time.

The puns are just too concentrated, and they work in layers. This is a masterpiece. Seriously, I think I want to hire the person who wrote this.

Tell me I'm wrong about this. You know I'm right!

Via Reddit


    It's a toss up between this and the cycling one with the R rating for drugs on it (Lance Armstrong).

      Oh man, I forgot about that one. Yeah that comes close.

        One of the reviews at my JB over Splinter Cell Blacklist explained the game using only words beginning with S.

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      Thanks for the reminder, had forgotten all about that one! These reviews just add a nice feeling to buying a game :)

    'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' - "This is what is holding us back a s a species".

      And this is my favourite review. So true

    Yes, that will be pub talk. Getting an online journalism job from working in JB HIFI

    JB Hifi near me never has funny stuff like this makes me :(

      Yeah same here. I always go in there expecting to see some reviews like this... always walk out disappointed :(

    Are we sure this guy doesn't already write for Kotaku?

    This is probably the first time that Godwin's law was invoked in the article itself.

    I saw a jb hifi employee writing these reviews by copying from photos of other jb hifi reviews.

      Awh man, really? That's like watching your parents stuff your Santa stocking as a kid.

    I saw "CCTV Simulator 2014" on a copy of Watch_Dogs. I am yet to test the accuracy of that statement.

    I saw one in JB the other day for StarCraft II that tickled my fancy:

    "Marines good unit"

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    The puns are just too concentrated

      we will have to send you to a camp to learn how to concentrate

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