This Is Not How You Deal With The Executioner Chariot Boss Fight In Dark Souls II

Dayshot: This is not how you deal with the Executioner Chariot boss fight in Dark Souls II, but waiting for the boss like this is way more badass. It is almost like you can hear the player saying "Welcome to Dark Souls II, bro".

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    I have no idea how I missed this boss. I completed the entire game and he was the only boss I never came across (not counting the Dragon). I even took out the King.

    I wasn't even aware he existed until after I completed the game.

      Not surprising. This boss is very optional and not in any of the main path. You will reach a dead end after fighting him and have to use bonfire to go back to town anyway.

    yar, he's basically there as a test for the brotherhood of blood covenant (pvp focused) which can be joined in the cloister after you kill him.

    He could be quite a bitch, mostly because of the smaller enemies that you need to take out before you can get to him as he drives around in his spiky chariot 'o' death.

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