This Is The Most Brutal Mario Parody Video I've Ever Seen

Man, I just don't know how I feel about this video. Let me just start by saying this: it's seriously grim. It's a little bit offensive in a number of ways, but it also has moments of hilarity. Let me just preface the video with that disclaimer: this has some brutal moments and some slightly sexist/racist moments. But it's still kinda funny. It's like Benny Hill or something.

With that, please allow me to present Mario getting really angry at characters from other games and other consoles totally moving in on his turf. Watch as he brutalises them one by one in increasingly more violent ways.

The way he disposes of Sonic is particularly cringeworthy. I'm sorry you had to go out like that buddy.


    Oh man that was so fantastically wrong, I wanna see more

    That was hilarious, i more, more i tell you.

    Ick. Leave this rubbish for the US crew where I won't click on it, Mark.

    I loved every moment. Great! Disappointed that they didn't show the take down at the end.

    I swear I've seen like 50 different mario going crazy videos. All the jokes seemed rehashed. Especially the Pokemon one.

    Gentlemen, that was excellent.

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    They black out the nudity but don't bleep out the n-word??

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