This Is The Zelda Monopoly Game Board, Out Next Month

This Is The Zelda Monopoly Game Board, Out Next Month

Announced back in April with few deets, finally we now know what the Legend of Zelda version of the popular-amongst-old-people board game Monopoly looks like.

Don't be too alarmed by that "GAMESTOP EXCLUSIVE" tag there; as with new video games, GameStop just has a couple extra perks in its box, and all these pictures came from the retailer's newly filled listing for the game. Anyway, here's the board (feel free to enlarge):

This Is The Zelda Monopoly Game Board, Out Next Month

And here are the game pieces that act as your avatars:

This Is The Zelda Monopoly Game Board, Out Next Month

That Ocarina there is apparently one of the GameStop exclusives, along with six Power Cards "for added game play" and a poster map. My grandma never had Power Cards with her Monopoly board so We'll probably be ok without them if need be.

Anyway, all of these things together in one picture looks like this:

This Is The Zelda Monopoly Game Board, Out Next Month

GameStop lists Monopoly: The Legend of Zelda at $US40 with a release date of September 15. Do with that knowledge what you will.


    You gain 100 rupees! But there's not enough room in your wallet...


    I hated that with Nintendo Monopoly you just buy the characters, that's dumb. Also I just hate Monopoly in general, but feel far more inclined to get this now.

      "Also I just hate Monopoly in general" Yes, this. Monopoly is such a terrible game, as much as this is cool, I'll never buy it. Nobody plays by the normal rules (but when you do, it's still not good), and the game never ends, unless it's in an argument.

    This sounds like a shut up and take my money meme moment.

    I still don't understand why people would buy any special edition Monopoly because it's still based upon Monopoly, the most boring game of attrition ever.

    If anyone has a special edition of Monopoly, please explain why you bought it and if you actually enjoy it.

      I have Nintendo Monopoly.

      It was given to me as a present though. It's still sealed and I can't imagine it will ever be unsealed. Not out of some kind of misplaced collectorism mind you, just because I have no wish to make use of it. Never would have bought it.

      Mind you, if they ever made Edna Krabappoly, I would probably buy it straight away.

      Last edited 04/08/14 1:03 pm

        Damn it! I want Edna Krabappoly now.

        Just look at this board:

        BUT I wouldn't want to play it. I'd just look at the pictures... So... it's got nothing to do with playing these special editions - entirely about looking at the nice production values?

        PS I want to play Star Trek Settlers of Catan.
        PPS I really don't want to play Latter Day Saints Settlers of Catan.

      Yeah, I'm not going to give anyone crap for buying it but I feel like 99% of these special editions get put on a shelf and never played. They must sell pretty well though.

      I have 2 special editions (unless you count the new ones with the credit cards and stuff as special edition then i have 3).

      The first one is an AFL edition from the mid/late 90s instead of houses you have stadiums and obviously playing to get the teams, as a kid i loved it now i just like looking back and seeing the teams and where they finished on the ladder that year.

      the second was a special edition coke monopoly to commemorate the 125th anniversary of coke i "purchased" that off the cokerewards website never played it but again i love looking at it as it has a lot of history of coke.

      Have tried to get the family guy monopoly but most places were selling it for $100 and quite frankly that is ridiculous.

      Oh and i have also played and loved triopoly the 3 tiered monopoly they made in the states a few years back.

      Last edited 04/08/14 1:20 pm

      To be fair, most people play Monopoly wrong, because they learnt it when they were kids and weren't really ready for a cutthroat economic game. You're supposed to auction off properties that people land on but don't buy. You're supposed to trade with other players and find loopholes in the rules that you can use as part of the trade (for instance, you can promise to not ask for rent when someone lands on your developed space). You're definitely supposed to put tax money back into the bank instead of giving it to whoever lands on Free Parking.

      It's not a patch on the games we have now, of course - it was, after all, an early example of a 'serious' game - but people are comfortable with Monopoly.

    Pfft. why don't nintendo talk to someone about using their properties to make good boardgames.

    Imagine where you play a Link (like 4 swords) roaming the land and defeating the different dungeons.killing different monsters and then defeat ganon at the end.

    There are so many games that you could reskin that would make for better gameplay and be more thematic than bloody monopoly.

    Everytime you move your piece you have to say "Hey! Listen!", or just "Hey!"?

    With all the effort they put into this, you'd think maybe they would use a piece of Link art that hasn't been around for 16 years.

    So I'm guessing we'll get the Gamestop exclusive version at EB Games then

    wow so even board games have EB/Gamestop exclusives now...

    I feel like they could've scored extra points by changing the guy on the Go To Jail space to one of the Gerudo's Fortress guards.

    I was pumped for this until I seen the artwork. so much potential but instead they just use images from manuals. why you wouldn't put a map of hyrule in the middle is beyond me, I'd also keep the properties/characters limited to OoT. this board is too scatered with inconsistent art styles. I appreciate all the Zelda games anf their art styles but not all on one peice of paper/gameboard.

    as a legend of zelda collector, just take my money, no questions asked.

    i think it would be my 6th or 7th 'version' of monopoly thats a special edition. i also own 3 special editions of trivial pursuit, star wars being the fave of the 3. i also have a star wars RISK i got from the states also. i love a good board game just as i do a video game

    This is really neat, but I would have preferred a Zelda Trivial Pursuit. You know, to really get into fights at family game night.

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