This Week In The Business: The Feeding Frenzy Is Over

This Week In The Business: The Feeding Frenzy Is Over

QUOTE | "All that [Xbox vs. PS4] feeding frenzy last year was interesting, but I think, and I hope, that it has run its course now." — SCEE head Jim Ryan, talking about how strong sales of consoles make innovation easier.

Elsewhere in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Steam feels like home, while mobile feels like hard work, frankly." — Developer Andrew Smith, talking about why he's moved from iOS development to PC development.

QUOTE | "Right now with Rare we're at a point where I don't want the Rare brand to mean Kinect Sports." — Xbox chief Phil Spencer, talking about what kind of games he wants to see from Rare in the future.

QUOTE | "If they let me change League of Legends I could double its revenue and they could afford to lose 60 per cent of the customer-base and still do twice as much money." — Ubisoft's Teut Weidemann, explaining why Riot's monetisation is poor and how he thinks it should be improved.

QUOTE | "We firmly believe you do not have to be a huge team to create a high quality gaming experience." — Activision's Bob Loya, talking about what led the company to revive the Sierra brand as an indie label.

QUOTE | "The stuff we do, in its own right, is a creative process... It takes more than just being a very good programmer to be able to do a port." — Abstraction Games co-founder Ralph Egas, explaining why the ports they do still require a lot of creativity.

QUOTE | "A platform that's excited about what you're doing can send you more traffic than you can get by yourself in 10 years of marketing." — Spry Fox's David Edery, talking about why the developer gave away Road Not Taken on PlayStation Plus.

STAT | 100 per cent — Increase in sales for video game hardware in US retail stores in July versus July 2013, according to NPD; game sales dropped 15 per cent and overall revenue for hardware, software and accessories rose 16 per cent.

QUOTE | "We've established ourselves as a really good brand steward within the mobile gaming ecosystem." — Chris Petrovic, head of corporate development and licensing at Kabam, talking about why the company has acquired so many high-profile licenses.

QUOTE | "That extra year of development time... has really paid off thus far to have the freedom to fail in the creative process." — Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hrishberg, talking about the three-year development cycle for the Call of Duty franchise.

STAT | 22 per cent — Amount King Digital's share price dropped after announcing its revenues for last quarter, which were up 30 per cent; however, that was less than forecast because its hit game Candy Crush Saga started to decline.

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    Wow, the guys at Ubi take the whole being the most evil company in Games seriously

      Uh huh. This is why people like this must never EVER be allowed to come near league of legends

      I Agree that quote would have to be the worst that i have seen in a long time.

      As a consumer i can wholeheartedly state that this guy's way of thinking is everything wrong with the games industry at the moment, it's the screw the consumer we want more money idea that is ruining so many games out there.

      It is worth noting that in the comments section for that article there are two people agreeing with him. One is pretty much a nobody that makes apps for Ipads... and the other works at EA. Hitler and Stalin get along at the oddest of times.

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