Three Tips On How To Turn Around A Hopeless League Of Legends Match

Three Tips On How To Turn Around A Hopeless League of Legends Match

If you play games like League of Legends or Dota 2, then you've probably been matches that seemed so grim, you were almost certain you'd lose. But if you think about the match in the right way, even lost causes can be turned around.

Obviously, your team needs the appropriate amount of skill to be able to make a comeback. But a bunch of smaller things inform how well you perform in a match, too. YouTuber Sp4zie has three great tips that any MOBA player should take to heart on particularly tough matches:

To summarise, he suggests setting clear, smaller goals for the game, making sure you communicate with your teammates, and muting toxic players who can mess with your focus. Some of these sound like no-brainers, but you should watch the video to hear him talk about things more in-depth; he makes a good case for why you shouldn't give up even when things seem hopeless. Who knows, you might end up turning the entire match around — and really, those are the most gratifying matches, aren't they?

How to win a lost game — Sp4zie [Sp4zie]


    I've had some amazing comebacks already with my measly 150hrs play time. Always a great feeling.

    Best yet was come back from 2 lanes of rax down, while opposing team still had all 3 tier 2 towers. They stuffed around not pushing we farmed them in base till we could push back.

    Objective focus - Because being 20 kills down doesn't mean you can't right click on a turret or inhibitor
    Positivity - Because if everyone is bitching and whining and generally wasting time arguing over who screwed up the most and the other team is not then they have more time to kick your ass.
    Coordinated aggression - Because taking steps forward is both surprising to a lot of people, causing them to retreat and give up objectives (see step 1) and far more useful than standing still or stepping back both of which can be useful but rarely win games if you spend too long doing them.

    This only works when your team are not absolutely terrible players. The amount of times 1 or 2 players will push too far and get killed or dont ward and get caught out is beyond me, and then when you try to offer advice to make them better players they either ignore you, quit or try to start an argument... Thats why i stopped playing LOL :P

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      I am happy to take advice from better players, but not when it starts with 'Listen here you moron...'

    God the most fun I've had in LoL was winning a game 1v5 after my whole team DCed in the first 4 minutes. I basically did what he said, play small and safe. After a while I was level 18 whilst the rest of them were only 8/10 and I could just tank them (I was Warwick)

    It was a very long game but so rewarding, smashed their towers one by one and used my minions to the best of my ability.

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