Tim Tam Slams: The Snacktaku Review

Tim Tam Slams: The Snacktaku Review

WARNING: Viewers are advised the following clip contains footage of a grown man licking his fingers a lot.

Note that I mention s'mores, but mostly in the context of chocolate-y snacks that have melty bits, not that they're somehow identical or anything (eat one after the other and they're pretty different).

UPDATE: Snacktaku EIC Michael Fahey has kindly pointed out that, for Americans, Tim Tams are available on Amazon. They're around *gasp* $US10 a pack.


    We had a discussion about this on TAY and my conclusion is Luke's crazy handsome. *swoon*

    I've made things weird. :'(

    More like Luke Dunkett, amirite?!?!?!

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      *primary school flashbacks* *eyes roll back, body twitches*

    I'm still disappointed that I never got to hear of this. I mean, I can still buy tim-tams and eat them in this way, but it's far too late. farrrr toooo late.

      I'm 36 and still do this. Every time I have timtams available. *every* time.

    "Melting the guts of the TimTam" best line by far.

    I was doing this 15 years ago, except not with tea eww.....Irish coffee the only way to slam timtams

    Frequently Bought Together: Tim Tams and Vegemite. An... acquired taste, to be sure.

    Today we had a fashion review of videogame characters & now an american review of an aussie tradition: drinking through a tim tam

      technically, it was an australian review for an american site of an aussie tradition

        We also do the Snacktaku thing all the time on TAY here. It's an institution. MANGO WEISS BARS FOR ALL FOREIGN TOURISTS!

          they make Weiss bars other than mango?

            Yep - they just look wrong though. Like how there's a million different kinds of KitKat's now...

            Wait what do you mean there's weiss bars without macadamia nuts?

    UPDATE: Snacktaku EIC Michael Fahey has kindly pointed out that, for Americans, Tim Tams are available on Amazon. They’re around *gasp* $US10 a pack.

    That's not as bad as the prices of imported British sweets and chocolates over here. All I want is a few packets of Steak McCoys, Scampi Fries, some Jaffa Cakes and some Wispas and not be forking over the better part of $50

      Considering we have to pay $12 for Ben and Jerry's ice cream it's only fair they pay $10 for Tim Tams.

      They'll cost even more if you pay for expedited shipping to Australia.

        I misinterpreted this at first, thinking you were suggesting expedited shipping of Tim Tams to Australia via Amazon.com.
        Seemed redundantly expensive.

          That is what I was suggesting.

            OK, then my reinterpretation was completely unamusing. I thought what you actually intended was to say that ordering "Steak McCoys, Scampi Fries, some Jaffa Cakes and some Wispas" to Australia via expedited shipping would be expensive.

    sigh... anyone else think the video was frozen for the first 20 seconds or so lol

    My wife now works for Arnotts - sooooo many Tim Tams...

    Everyone I know has always called it a Tim Tam Orgasm. They're awesome, but I haven't done one for ages.

    Also, NEVER with tea, only with Coffee or Hot Chocolate.

    MILO - Where is it?
    For this to be a truly authentic Australian experience, it must be done with hot MILO!
    There is no better way.

    I remember first learning about this on Rove Live... Those were the days.

      YESSS I did too. Back in the early Rove days when he was awesome :D

    Sheesh, not with tea, like others have said, it's gotta be with coffee, hot chocolate or milo...mmmmm, milo.

    I've enjoyed this ever since I was a tiny todd. :P and I absolutely love tea, so the two have always gone hand-in-hand.

    Given the prices we pay for some imported american food, I think it's only fair!

    I love doing this. Cold or Hot milo, yum. You don't need to do corners either, just a bit off each end. Makes me feel like having one now. *grabs some Tim Tams*

    Corners takes too much biscuit and your straw becomes too short. Thus you lose the biscuit and sometimes end up with a moustache of milk. Like, milk in your moustache, not one made of milk. You do the ends and that way you can use the whole width as a straw too.

    That flavour (with the vanilla) of Tim Tams leaves all previous Tim Tams in the shade

    Also holy crap $10 for Tim Tams in the US - the one time in my life I can feel superior - never pay over $2.50! We should scrap the Big Mac index and do a Tim Tam index!

      The Red Velvet ones they've got going at the moment are pretty awesome, although they're the sort of thing you won't want too many of at a time. The exact opposite of how you should be with Tim Tams.

    I slam my Tim-Tams with a strong port :)

    Well, you're all wrong. The only way to do this is to use the Tim Tam with rum (traditionally Bundy Rum). This is how it was always done in the dark ages (late 80's). Dunno where this new-fangled wussery of doing it with coffee/tea/milo came from. Kids today, they've got no idea.

    Its called a Tim-Tamgasam.

    And you use strong coffee an normal Tim-Tams or better yet double choc ones.

    So those new Peanut Butter Tim Tams? Not very good. Taste more like hazelnut flavour or something.

    But they do go damn well with coffee! Probably pretty well with coffee & Frangelico ;)

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