Titanfall Introducing New Game Mode With No Titans

Titanfall Introducing New Game Mode With No Titans

Titanfall‘s latest update will add a new mode that gives players the option of fighting without those pesky giant robots getting in the way.

The new mode, called Pilot Skirmish, will be included in the game’s sixth major update, as detailed at the official Titanfall site. It will be an 8 vs 8 shootout with no titans and no AI bots, which increases the player count by four (a standard Titanfall match is 6 vs 6).

Titanfall has generally been defined by, well, the titans. However, the more people have played, the clearer it’s become that the real action is on the ground. Pilot Skirmish seems like a good option for players who want to try it; playing as a free-running pilot is super fun, and it will be interesting to see how titan-free matches play out. My guess: More or less like a jacked-up, wall-running Call of Duty.

You can read the rest of the additions — Marked For Death is becoming a permanent game mode, hooray — over at the Titanfall site.

Titanfall Introducing New Game Mode With No Titans


  • This would be interesting. Titanfall is so close to being great but for some reason it just doesn’t have the depth to keep people playing in its current form.

    The free running style is the closes thing to a quake style fast paced shooter that you can get on a console (with it still being designed to play well) and I think there’s a lot of potential in this as a game style.

    They won’t nail it with the current game but it would be good as a consideration for Titanfall 2. A small-mid sized arena based deathmatch using the wall running gameplay could be a great return to that old-school style of FPS that’s died out since the rise of the dude-bro military shooter.

    • Yeah. I found that side of it way better than the Titan play. Once you’re in a Titan it’s all sort of the same. It’s a bit slow and doesn’t feel very skill based. The difference between an ok player and a great player just isn’t that much. I hate comparing this sort of FPS to Battlefield, but when it comes to vehicles in Battlefield or Halo you can feel amazing on the weakest vehicle if you’ve got the skill to back it up. I just never got that feeling when playing well in a Titan.

      • I would love to see them try a large Battlefield style map. For me part of the reason everything feels slow and a bit clunky is that the maps feel really small when you call down a titan and have to navigate tight streets. Tanks (and titans) are best for breaking up stalemates and attacking choke points. Either that or make the titans a bit more nimble. Jet packs maybe? I’d love to be able to do a jet jump and ground stomp on and enemy titan or group of pilots.

  • I remember suggesting this to my friends on day one! My exact words were “this game would be great if it weren’t for the titans”

    • Yep. Me too. First thing I thought.

      The Titans just get in the way. The Pilot movement and gunplay is what really makes this game and I’ve been DYYYYYING for a Pilot only mode.

      Can’t wait.

  • Can they introduce a game mode to stimulate something interesting into the game? Everytime I log in (PC), I have to wait at least 25-30 minutes before the matchmaker can scrape the minimum number of players together. Seems like this was a flash in the pan…

    • yeah totally, i didn’t bother with the other dlcs, every time i read a review the comments were like – ‘split playerbase, can’t get a match, boooooo’ – it’s a shame though, the new maps looked fun, and no titans would be cool

      • Same. They had some good looking content, but remember how this kind of thing played out last decade. This was my fundamental complain of shooters during the 2000s when they all moved away from a SP/Bot match framework to a pure multi one, only. The lifespan of your game is only as long as it holds the attention of it’s players. It’s a shame, it has some sweet concepts.

  • I almost cried when I read this news. It is a god send. The AI was the most annoying thing about the game

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