Titanfall Makes No Sense

Just a guess here: nobody plays Titanfall to experience realism. I mean, it's a game where you hop into giant mechs to shoot people. Still, it's kind of funny to break down the many ways in which the game doesn't make any sense.

Cracked lists at least six reasons why Titanfall's logic is faulty in this video, including nonsense about the bots, when Titans are sent down to players, how the game is supposedly a resource war, and how nuts some of the mechanics actually are.

My favourite bit though? "A kill is empty unless it causes actual misery to a real human." Messed up, and yet too true, Cracked. Too true.

6 Reasons 'Titanfall' Makes No Sense [Cracked]


    LoL at most of the vid! That logic vs gameplay mechanics really doesn't add up sometimes :P

    “A kill is empty unless it causes actual misery to a real human.”
    Totally disagree with this though, but I'm the sort of person who usually plays single-player cause when I go online I get to die over and over from people who play games competitively constantly. Playing a bit of Titanfall at a mate's place I enjoyed having some bots in the mix too, cause it meant even if everyone else was 1337 there was still a chance I could enjoy the actual game rather than giving up from dieing every time I see someone (or in the case of Halo online, every time I stepped out into a vaguely open area). Although when I did play Titanfall I managed to get some actual player kills too so it wasn't quite as bad as being sniped constantly by hidden assailants :P

      Cyber bullying?

    Sometimes Patricia writes some decent articles, other times she just writes about other articles she's read on the internet

      You get that you're on Kotaku right? This isn't exactly brand new information about how articles - sorry, "articles" - are written here.

        I've read too many Mark Serrels articles :P

          Just read a few Luke Plunkett sentence articles and this one will feel positively wordy in response.

    One thing makes perfect sense.

    I kill you....then I win.
    You kill me....then you win.

    In my best afrikan accent

      You kill me... you're betta.
      I kill you... I'm betta.

      South Africa has the worst/best accent.

        fookin prawns. Everything I know about the South African accent has been taken from District 9

          District 9 and people doing Hansie Cronje impersonations for me.

        As an imminent from South Africa I find this a little racist.. But agree fully.

          Racist? How? I spelt it the exact same way Blisk from the game pronounced it. There is no implication of intent to demean the South African populace.
          When I said it was the best/worst accent, it was because I hadn't decided yet. Doesn't matter, the Australian accent takes the honour of being the worse accent anyway.

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