To The Moon Follow-Up Arrives This November, Emotions Likely

To The Moon Follow-Up Arrives This November, Emotions Likely

If you played To The Moon, you've probably been looking forward to the next game from its creator, Kan Gao. Good news - his follow-up, A Bird Story, will be out on November 5.

Here's a new trailer Gao put together. The vibe will be familiar to anyone who subjected themselves to the brutal (wonderful) emotional arse-kicking (emotional journey) that was To The Moon. (It's a lovely game and you should play it.)

A Bird Story will be on Windows and Mac, released through Steam and GOG.


    I got excited for a moment there, then remembered the NES zapper game was 'To the Earth'

    I must be heartless because I didn't like the first game

      Maybe if I had played it baked I would have appreciated it a whole lot more.

    Yes, I am so excited! My partner and I started playing To The Moon late one night, with the intention of playing a little bit before bed. The next thing we knew the sun was about to rise and we were watching the credits! It was a beautiful game, and it definitely had me the closest to tears I have been from a video game before!
    Very keen

    All the feels on "To the Moon"... Cant wait for this one!

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