Twitch Is Changing The Way Users Can Edit And Archive Gameplay Videos

Twitch is changing the way its users can edit and archive their gameplay videos, the company announced today. While this is meant to improve the way that videos are stored and made available to watch after they're originally broadcast, it also means some archived material could disappear.

None of this material has to go away, mind you. Users just need to edit their old work into two-hour chunks and save these videos as highlights instead of broadcasts because Twitch is eliminating its "save forever" feature. So if you're a Twitch user or an avid viewer, give this blog post a close read and make sure that none of your favourite material is going to be effected.


    Did you see they are also going to mute all in game audio that scans as third party licensed music as well? Basicly using youtubes system for all recorded vods.

      Because it is YouTube's system, Google now owns Twitch so like YouTube Twitch is ruined!

      Big stuff like The International (Valves own dota tournament) are getting muted despite them owning the copyrighted music. Heck, twitches own podcasts are being muted by this.

    I'm actually impressed in Google! They have single handely destroyed a popular website in record time.
    This new archiving system + the new new automated copyright system essentially kills everything Twitch is about! Time to buy stocks in Hitbox!

      made me think own3d would make a comeback but looks like they are not planning on adding streaming this time around (

    A company similar to this one has stolen hundreds of dollars by deception from my account

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