UFC Glitches With Commentary: The Sequel

EA Sports UFC has some glitches. Many of them are hilarious. The only thing more hilarious than EA Sports UFC glitches is having an impersonator commentate these glitches in the style of actual UFC commentators.

Tommy Toe Hold — internet famous MMA impersonator dude — put together such a compilation a few months back and now he's back for the sequel.

It's remains hilarious. It can't quite match the sheer genius of the first entry, but it comes pretty damn close. Particularly the whole wearing another human being as a back pack thing. I think that's probably the highlight.


    "I have to think this is going the distance! ...and hes dead, my mistake."

      "It's a lot harder than it looks and he can't just phase through the fencing"
      "aaaand he is phasing through the fencing joe"

    I haven't watched the video here at work, but that screenshot looks like something out of Eyes Wide Shut.

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