Um Misty. You Look A Bit Different...

In this video, just outside the Cerulean Gym, which looks suspiciously like the ANZ Stadium at Homebush, Ash comes across Misty. She seems to have some overdeveloped back muscles and a penchant for screaming really loudly and throwing people in intense backbreakers. Also, she has a beard. A pretty fully developed beard.

It's pretty cool to see videos like this, particularly when they're developed in your own backyard. That's a pretty creative use of the ANZ Stadium. Nintendo should totally base the next Cerulean Gym on it.

Apparently these guys have more Pokemon vids on the way. Looking forward to it.


    That was brutal, Misty should be Bane-d from ever being a gym leader.

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    is this at Sydney Olympic park? that water feature looks so familiar.

      This is indeed at sydney olympic park, probably filmed during supanova this year. This guy is a friend of a friend, and he is already working on a new costume. . . not much I can reveal but he is definitely going to be bringing a lot of joy next year. That or he is going to try something a bit more next Jen. I think he's still all over the place at the moment.

    If only we could get Mansty to face of against Man-faye

    It at Olympic park, pretty sure they filmed this at Supernova as I saw Misty there.

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