Up Close And Personal With Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Combat

Up Close And Personal With Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Combat

Skills. Flashy effects. Spells. Oh, and don’t forget the bigass flaming swords.

At Gamescom, EA showed us what combat looks like up close in Bioware’s upcoming RPG, Dragon Age: Inquisition, along with the systems powering it and the tactics involved. The demo involved both stealth and straight-up hacking and slashing, and we caught a glimpse of the heart and soul of every RPG: the level-up process.

Take a look:

And also check out the game’s new “Enemy of Thedas” trailer:

[Footage courtesy of MKIceAndFire]

Note: The Gamescom stream suffered from technical problems, which is why the footage is somewhat choppy and incomplete.


  • On the fence of Dragon Age v Mass Effect, I am far an away on the side of Mass Effect, but this makes me really really want to get it

      • Which means more HP in final and the same combo animation for longer? Chop chop slice…. chop chop slice (A + A + A repeat)

        • what… why would they have more HP in the final than a demo? that doesn’t make sense.

          and id say enemies would be smart/heavy-hitting enough that you couldn’t just casually stroll into a fight without a proper strategy and teamwork.

  • This looks pretty good. Should I have played previous Dragon Age games? I’m new to the series.

      • yer I would definitely recommend playing dragon age origins and its expansion awakening as they are great. You are probably fine skipping number 2 as the only real thing that you need to take away from it is [MINOR SPOILERS] that the mages and templars are now fighting each other [END OF SPOILERS] and that was pretty much told in most of the trailers.

  • That is one truly ugly interface. So ugly it is putting me off pre-ordering. Well that and memories of Bioware selling out on the second one and more recently ME3. Hard to recognize these guys made some of the most complicated PC games ever, with an interface that makes it look like its was designed by Fisher-Price for toddlers.

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