Up Close With The White PS4

Up Close With The White PS4

Sony really knocked it out of the park design-wise with the PlayStation 4. The console might not be perfect, but you have to admit that it's a real beauty — especially when compared to the monstrosity of the Xbox One and the... weirdness of the Wii U. And it looks better than ever with a new coat of (white) paint.

PlayStation Access just did an unboxing video for the upcoming Destiny PS4 bundle, and it's a real treat for all the fans of hardware porn out there:

Up Close With The White PS4

Pretty slick, right?

Up Close With The White PS4

You've come a long a long way, Sony.x

Up Close With The White PS4

Here's the full video:

via PlayStation Access


    Picking up 2 of those white PS4 controllers as soon as they are available

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    The stock black is way better.

      Given the material attracts dust like crazy, white's probably not the best color...

      i wish the stock black didnt have the glossy part and the PS symbol stood out more

    When it was announced, the ps4 was hardly heralded for its industrial design. In white it looks like the wheel chuck for an anime mech.

    And how is the wii u dismissed as weird? It's no wii design-wise, but it's tiny and epitomises the "disappears into your entertainment unit" look the other two were harping on about.

    Knocked it out of the park?? I can't tell which is eject and power on mine, and half the time pressing them does nothing anyway!!!

      It's always power twop, eject bottom. You just gotta get used to placing your finger on the top of the button and dragging it down. Took me some getting used to as well. :-)

    "Doesn't turn into a Michael Bay Transformer. Zero stars."

    Only reason PS4 is so small to begin with is cause Sony can't afford slim iterations in a few years..they also can't afford another console (PS5) within 10yrs this round of PS is going to be a long one just like PS2 that Sony keep comparing the PS4 with..

    It's the only reason Sony made sure they made it simple to develop for and that it's hardware was enough to last 10-12yrs

    Hardware wise PS4 has 6 extra gcn cores and 16 extra rops with 8GB gddr5 memory capable of 176gbps seems impressive..over XONE
    But regardless of the extra gcn cores and rops on the PS4 the XONE's esram handles an impressive 196gbps and it's only 32mb and that also leaves the ddr3 memory which is more efficient memory for system tasks..XONE is just a slight pain to develop for cause you're deviding calculations between cpu/gpu/esram and the ddr3 pools instead of just having one pool of memory the cpu and gpu

    It becomes an extra task..and Sony wasn't up for making that mistake again with the PS4 cause they simply can't afford to!

    Both PS4 and XONE are great consoles capable of great looking games..and I think what's defining their slight difference is MS have invested in mantle type tech and that was clear going back a few yrs ago when MS, Nvidia..etc were demoing mantle type tech and what it meant in the future for lower powered gpu's

    Has anyone noticed the past 5yrs cpus and gpus have just been rebranded making you all think it's better then the last..the only thing that actually changed was how they run at 28nm and they're now stuck and can't go further!

    A lot of companies invested in making cpus and gpus run cooler but they're officially at a crossroad..and it makes me now wonder why AMD stopped playing the race game and have been working with companies like MS to future proof the future of gaming!

    The days of hardware are gone..games on tablets and phones look just as good as some last gen ps3/360 games 2yrs and they'll look better then next gen!

    Medium based hardware with software is the future look at the last 10yrs and you'll realise!

    Don't let companies divide you from the truth!

    Looks better sitting on your desk at work. Will look crap sitting in my entertainment unit. At least they didn't go full white, it's the contrast that makes it look good.

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    White xbox looks better IMO

    So getting this and selling my black one...

    Do you really need to get "up close" with a white PS4?

    like, its the same as a PS4, just white.

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