Very Clever, Xbox One Marketing

Very Clever, Xbox One Marketing

Briefly: This Xbox One-focused comic from Microsoft certainly makes a hell of a lot more sense than previous ads. That's definitely how I'd interpret her command too, random gamer child.


    *cough plagiarism*

      That's not the only one, This has been a very long running idea.

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      *Ahem Paraphrasing*

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        Can't see anything beating 1988. Have an internets!

    This joke has been remade so many times, like as soon as the 360 came out it started getting used so much

      Yep, it's almost like they took the old one, slapped a new coat of paint on it, made it look a tiny bit better and released it to the public as a brand new...

      We're still talking about the jokes right?

        Jokes? I thought you were talking about the 3/2DS :P

        (eh, just ignore me, I'm just annoyed that Nintendo may have stolen 70 bucks off me)

      Yeah this joke is hardly new, and has been around almost as long as video games themselves.

    Where is the mother looking?

      Maybe she was trying to point out that he should explore the outdoor areas in the game hes playing, and he completely didnt understand.

      Perhaps she saw the game and thought that she must play it and told lil ol Timmy to go outside whilst she played it :3

    I actually tell my kids enough normal games, go play some kinnect....:D

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