Video Game Space Bikes Just Got A Step Closer

Video Game Space Bikes Just Got A Step Closer

OK, it’s not quite Destiny’s Sparrow but it’s a start. This thing is a drone that will be used to fund and build a full-sized version as a flying bike.

To reiterate. Flying. Bike.

It was originally built as a 1/3 scale proof of concept for the full-sized bike but creator Chris Malloy and the UK team is working on it as a drone to fund the larger and far more important project.

The Kickstarter’s currently reached £48,716 ($82,000), well over its £30,000 ($50,000) goal with five days to spare. The full-sized bike will adopt the drone’s overlapping quad rotor configuration as, according to Malloy, the original (and cooler looking) two blade thing wouldn’t be cheap enough to be competitive.

However, just to make sure we’re not having too much fun thinking about flying around the place the Kickstarter outlines that FLYING BIKES have a serious and practical use.

“Its low cost and practical size lends itself to search and rescue, precision farming and cattle mustering, first-responder emergency services and cargo insertion of up to 120kg (265lbs) into confined spaces. We believe it would be ideal for ski and mountain rescue, airborne logistics and time-sensitive personnel insertion/extraction during major disasters.”

It’s almost like they’re trying to make it sound like not fun.

Hoverbike [Kickstarter, via Business Insider]

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    • Biker scout armour and permanent service to the Galactic Empire. I’m covered on both of those.

  • Hmm.. I ride motorbikes (and loved Return of the Jedi) so this appeals to me, however I think I have just this moment reached that age point where I resist new technology. Instead of fantasizing about how awesome this would be (riding over water!!) my brain has instantly gone to all the problems and hazards this would cause. For example, what if three or more hover bike riders were on a day out together in Queensland, would they by arrested or harassed under anti-biker laws?

    I think this is an interesting product, but I doubt Australia would ever see these things being given a greenlight for use on (or above) public roads, and would just become a red-tape and indemnity waiver riddled attraction at carnivals and trade-shows.

    Lastly any word on top speeds of the full scale bike? Drone suggests 45mph (72kmph) which is hella slow for any motorbike inspired vehicle, 50cc scooters go faster than that (downhill with a tailwind).

    • Maybe anti biker laws wouldnt apply to hover bikes. So then there will be an introduction of anti hover bike laws.

      • The problem they’re having in Queensland that so, SO many don’t seem to understand (not having a dig at you) is that they’re NOT ‘anti-biker’ laws. Bikers are not mentioned in the laws at all. They can be used against ANYONE. Local football club gets in a bit of a fracas? BOOM, VLAD’d

  • I’d love to know what the fuel consumption of this would be, assuming it will be powered by fuel.

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