Video Shows How Far Project CARS Has Come In Two Years

Video Shows How Far Project CARS Has Come In Two Years

One racetrack, one car, one game, two years apart. From the foliage to the road textures and the overall colours, the changes are quite noticeable.

The eight-minute clip comes courtesy of Adrián Bermúdez, aka ADRIANF1esp, who is also responsible for this year’s Project CARS-to-real-life comparison video. Here, he races across the same track in two different versions of the game — Build 249 from July 2012 and Build 782 from August 2014 — putting the results side by side:

The July 2012 build is a fairly early one (Project CARS was announced in late 2011), and it really shows. Still, it’s commendable how smooth the actual gameplay was even back then, barren landscapes or not.

Project CARS Comparison – 2 Years Later [ADRIANF1esp@YouTube]


  • Can’t wait to play this. Still blows me away though how it’s coming out on the Wii U. They haven’t announced a release date yet have they?

  • Ok, I really need to look into why it doesn’t look like this on my machine despite all the settings on high (Running i5-3570k, 16GB RAM, Radeon R9 290 3GB). I’ve been assuming, apparently incorrectly, that the videos coming out have been pre-rendered.

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