Wait, The GameCube's Pikmin Could Run In Windows?

Wait, The GameCube's Pikmin Could Run In Windows?


In today's instalment of "things I wish I'd known in 2001" comes this page on The Cutting Room Floor, via Brandon Boyer, which both outlines the fact the original Pikmin on GameCube could run on a PC, and shows you how to do it.

Turns out there's a Windows executable file on the wee disc, and running it (after some prep work) will boot the game in a debugging mode. Things are messed up, and there's debug info all over the screen, but hey, it's Pikmin, on your PC, running off a GameCube disc.

Pikmin/Windows Executable [The Cutting Room Floor]



    And for people who have played this - is it worth it? I was put off by the artificial time limit mentioned in reviews but got the 2nd one and loved it. 3 was great too. Not sure how much of a backwards step this would seem.

    I just hope they get onto number 4 quicker this time.

      I played 1 then 2 (and not 3 yet but I have it on the shelf). I think going back to 1 now would be a better way to play than 2 then 1, because you now have some practice. It was a great game, The 30 day time limit made me rather nervous when playing if I didn't get 2 machine parts in one day (or at least open the path to another), but once I overcame those issues, I enjoyed it a lot. And you say "artificial time limit", but story-wise, there's a very good reason for it! I guess you might miss the extra Pikmin and the underground areas, but still, it's great.

      I have a super soft spot for Pikmin 1 - The original 3 pikmin were wonderfully balanced and there are some no longer present game mechanics in there which are cool: flowering pikmin lost in the field would often seed areas where the skirmish took place with a fresh crop for example. The time limit keeps you moving, but not to worry - anything you half drag home before sunset will be in the position you left it tomorrow. Pikmin 2 artificially lengthened the game with those caves - I felt like they diluted the experience and the abilities of the original 3 were gimped.

        I really missed the caves in 3! I quite enjoyed them.

    Just... Dolphin it?

      yeah, I don't know why you'd bother with this.

      Today yeah, and even back then it's the debug mode that doesn't play like it does on the GameCube and most DVD players won't read GameCube discs, but pre-Dolphin it would have been an amazing find. I wonder what sort of hardware requirements it has. Who knows, even now it's discovery may lead to improvements in the way Dolphin emulates GameCube/Wii games.
      At the very least it's a interesting find.

    OMFG - absolutely loved Pikmin! Time to get it running on the PC.

    "Running off a GameCube disc" - No it runs off an image of the disc.

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