Waluigi Is The Real Hero Hyrule Deserves

Waluigi Is The Real Hero Hyrule Deserves

Link? Link who? That's not my hero of time. Or as Waluigi would say, "Wahahaha! Waluigi, number one!"

Why would russmarrs2 mod Waluigi into Ocarina of Time? Um, more like why not. Still, personally, I can't decide if I like this or the Nic Cage mod better.


    Just needs Ganon being turned into Luigi

    Does anyone LOVE Waluigi as much as me? Just so you know, I love him immensely.

      Yep, maybe not love him as much as you but I do choose him every time I play mario party!

    Damn, missed the opportunity to replace the sword with a tennis racquet.

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