Wandering The Wyoming Wilderness, Waiting For It To Burn

It's easy to get freaked out on a solo trip through barren wilderness, especially when your job is waiting for it to catch on fire. Here's our first look at Firewatch in action.

Set in the gorgeous Wyoming wilderness, Campo Santo's Firewatch is a first-person adventure game where your only link to civilisation is the person on the other end of your radio. We've seen art from the game, now let's see it in motion.

From the trailer it sounds as if your character begins to unravel as the game goes on. Poor Henry sounds like he's losing it, alone in the middle of an area that could be engulfed by flames at any moment. Plus there's a mystery to solve. I'd go a little nuts too.

Firewatch is due out in 2015 for PC, Mac and Linux. Keep track of the game's development at the Campo Santo website.


    *gets down on knee*

    Marry me, FIrewatch.

      Yeah it looks good! But when traversing the bush it looked a bit funny what with the hand pushing away leaves and the large feel of objects; I wonder how large an area you get to travel through.

        and if he runs THAT fast thats gonna get on my tits x.x

    His hands are a tad too bulky looking in my opinion. But goddamn that artstyle. So refreshing to see studios hiring actual graphic designers. Logo and promotional images look real slick.

      Still not abnormally large like Dishonored hands though. That's now my benchmark for "hands that don't look quite right in video games".

        I dunno, unless the plot twist in this game is that the entire time you were actually Wreck-It Ralph, they do seem way way too chunky.

          I think they're still working on the character model stuff for the game, from what I understand.

    Looks awesome, hope it actually turns out like that and isn't actually one of those billion "survival games with zombies" that have flooded greenlight and the like.

    I am SO excited for this game. The art direction is gorgeous, and the voice acting seems really earnest and professional.

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