Watch 23 Minutes Of Evolve In Action

Evolve is one of those games that sort of came from nowhere, winning best of show at this year's E3 amidst some seriously tough competition. What is it that makes Evolve so unique? You can check out for yourself in this 23 minute video.

The footage comes from a closed Alpha currently running, and the footage was captured on PC.

The high concept of Evolve really intrigues me. I'm a big fan of asymmetric gameplay, and I like the idea of a shooter trying something completely different. In Evolve you can either play as a single monster taking down four hunters attempting to kill you, or you can play as one of four hunters trying to take down an overwhelmingly powerful monster.

It's sort of like a more complicated version of Luigi's Ghost Mansion in Nintendo Land! That idea of you four versus one, but the 'one' in the equation having a serious set of advantages. It seems like a subtle shift, but I can't wait to see how it plays out. Very excited for this one.

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    Looks good, I just wonder how long till it gets boring.

      Probably few months? That was how long it took for me to get bored of Left 4 Dead.

        until you fire it up a few years later and still have a blast. I think that's where games like this really shine.
        It's not the kind of game you sit down and play through in one weekend.
        It's not the kind of game you play forever like WoW or LoL or TF2
        It's the kind of game you keep always installed in case you have a few bored friends online and want to have some fun.

        I'm really looking forward to Evolve

        But its not left for dead, can you play Evolve on your own? I'm just imagining it becoming dead online like Titanfall.

          Yeah you actually can play Evolve on your own.

          Should be similar to Left 4 Dead campaign style while the mulitiplayer component will have no objective and just fight off between human and monster.

          Totally understand where Titanfall is going but I'm hoping this won't flop. Evolve sounds much better in terms of concept and competitiveness. It does sounds like a game that can last longer than Titanfall. Titanfall have nothing to be honest.

    I've heard from people that played the beta say that it gets boring quickly

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      Bummer, I hope they do something to alleviate this :(

        Yeah, i probably wouldn't take a single forum comment that isn't even a first hand account as advice. I'm still confident this game will be awesome - the gameplay footage looks fun, and the reviewer in it says it is fun (if you like anecdotal opinion). Other than that, I played and loved L4D which Turtle Rock was also behind, and felt at the time that the versus mode in L4D was just magic - allowing players to play these distinct monsters to torment the standard sort of player characters was just great fun. Based on that experience, I'm thinking Evolve sounds great.

          Actually a very fair point. In fact thinking about the L4D multiplayer... Goddamn there some great moments. Like when a mate was playing as a smoker and managed to pull two of us off a wooden plank in quick succession, only to have everyone dragged off when we were trying to rescue everyone. Suffice to say that went down as a classic gaming moment. As long as the participants have a bit of imagination it should be all good :)

    JackFrags! Awesome, just need some Frankie now

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