Watch 35 Minutes Of The Witcher 3 In Action

35 minutes. That's a helluva long time. But I'd wager if there was any game you'd happily sit and watch someone else play for over half an hour, it'd be The Witcher 3.

In saying that — people watch other people play video games on YouTube and Twitch every goddamn day. Shows how much I know.

Anyway... this is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; a developer led gameplay demo that is epic in length. If you have any interest in this game — and even if you don't — this is well worth watching.


    Note to self... "Finish Witcher 1 and 2".

    Puts note with 50 other notes saying "Finish Witcher 1 and 2".

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      I still haven't got beyond the first hour or so of The Witcher and not even started The Witcher 2. They've both been installed on my computer for a couple of years yet I'm still excited as hell about The Witcher 3.

      I might just take everyone's advise and go through the second game

        Play 2 at least. Do both pathways if you can manage the time. It's definitely worth it and places the story in a completely different light.

          I couldn't get into 1, but 2 was one of my all time fav games. I'm set to play through the 2nd path, prior to 3 coming out.

        Same boat as you chaps. Damn that world looks fun to explore though.

    Awesome! Gotta play the first one, I'm sure anyone that has steam has a copy, it's always heavily reduced. How do these games compare to the Elder Scrolls?

      apples and oranges. One is an RPG the other is an action adventure. Witcher is a much harder and more skillful game

        @solutlon @korwin Played a little of the first last night and the tutorial for the second this morning, so far the second seems way better. The combat in the first feels sort of disconnected where the second feels much more physical. Would you guys say it's possible to play the second (and eventually third) without playing the first? I don't normally like skipping an entry, especially when it prompts me to bring my save over, but if the stories aren't tied together too much I might skip the first and play the second on the 360.

          I think so. I actually never got round to playing the second one (pile of shame) but got pretty far into the first one.

      I was going to grab a copy but it seems to be Games for Windows Live based. Can anyone confirm that a physical copy on DVD will still install properly? It's only $20 at Dungeon Crawl but I'd rather not waste my time.

        I dont think its Gfwl based since cd projkt hates dmr

        It has a games for windows logo on the box but it doesn't have GFWL integration. Just buy it off GoG instead.

          Sweet. I think I know what I'll be doing tonight. =)

    35 minutes! Wow...that's way too long for those wanting to keep moderately spoiler-free. Aww...but this would make such great lunchtime viewing with my cheese and ham toastie.

      Haven't watched the whole thing but large amounts of it is just Geralt wandering around environments. The main city is awesome btw.

        You can watch my ham and cheese toastie for that piece of information, my good ser! ;-)

      its basically all the trailers from e3 and gamescon put together with the along with the missing bits to give a sense of one quest ( mostly speaking to Johnny, Dykstra and the werewolf trailer)

    My friend told me to play Witcher 2 but I just can't get into playing games with a keyboard and mouse. I finished the first act and part of the second. Its really good. I'll definitely be getting this! I only have to decide "Collectors Edition or not Collectors Edition"???

      You'll be happy to know of that The Witcher 2 has full controller support on PC and also has a console version as well. Your friend is right; you should definitely play 2.

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