Watch An Adorable Three Year Old Australian Girl Beat Portal 2

We've featured Penny on Kotaku Australia before. First she helped her Dad — Australian game developer Lance E. McDonald — play Dark Souls II, then she started playing Portal 2 all by herself. Now she's finally managed to complete Portal 2. Quite an incredible achievement for a three year old!

Spoilers ahead obviously.

This one might be my favourite video of Penny yet, especially when she's all like 'GOT HIM! I GOT HIM!'.

Why won't my ovaries stop tingling goddammit. I am getting seriously clucky for Serrels bambino #2.


    That's disgusting.

    Mark, if you think you have ovaries... well.... we need to have a talk.

    I know a lot of people will comment that it's not actually her playing but I noticed at about 3:34 she stops to rub her nose and the character pauses before jerking back to life as she grabs the mouse again!! She obviously has practice but she is killing it now, bloody impressive

      The movement suggests a controller. I can't play FPSs with controllers to save myself, outright depressing to see this, lol

        The controller you see in her hand at one point also suggests a controller. ;)

        Ah, either way it's a good indicator of her physically playing.

        My nephew gets too excited and does panic spins about the place with FP views, I wish I knew this fellas secret lol

    My four year old beat Portal 2, with some guidance from myself. Have no doubt this is legit.

      Unless you are a "pageant parent" in relation to video games, I don't see how this is a healthy thing.

    damnit... A 3 year old beat the last boss on Portal 2 easier than i did.

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