Watch An Ex-UFC Heavyweight Champion Own A Magic: The Gathering Pro

Josh Barnett is a bad man. He is an ex-UFC Heavyweight Champion and holds victories over some of the toughest fighters in MMA history. Turns out he is also a massive Magic: The Gathering player. Like he's been playing from the very beginning. In the above video he totally beats Sean Plott, a pro player.

(Although I am suspicious that Sean may have let him win!)

I know next-to-nothing about Magic: The Gathering, so it feels as though both Josh and Sean are talking a different language for the majority of this video, but it is amazing to watch these two worlds collide. Barnett is a legit Magic: The Gathering player. He's been playing since the very first decks were launched, and he appears to really, really know what he is doing.

Josh Barnett actually went into detail on his passion for Magic: The Gathering in an earlier interview with Vice, which I've embedded below because it's fascinating.

I love it when I make this kind of discovery: the kind of discovery that totally subverts stereotypes and ideas about what kind of person plays games. Great stuff.


    I follow Day[9] (Shout out to all the day Knights <3) , and In no way would I call him a pro Magic player, in fact i dont think he wouldn't even call himself that. hes been invited to drafts and stuff, but He is there to have fun (playing a game for fun, really no way!)
    Spellslingers is a fantastic series though.

    For reference, Sean Plott is not a pro. He is a Starcraft commentator and an internet "celebrity" but not a professional in any field. No more than anybody who dabbled occasionally in their spare time and got invited to a professional tournament once but did not make any waves.
    It is unlikely either player let the other win.
    They're using preconstructed Introductory decks which are intended to teach players how to evaluate cards and recognise synergies(mostly but cutting the inefficient and/or terrible cards) so they're almost certainly equally handicapped for this one.

    day9 is more a starcraft pro. He loves magic but is not quite a pro. He is hilarious to watch though!
    His hearthstone stuff is good too

    Yeah, Day9 is no Magic Pro player. Considering the finals of the most recent Magic Pro Tour finished barely an hour ago (, theres simply no comparison in the level of Magic being played. He is a really cool enthusiast though, and a great voice to have promoting the game.

    I love how much of a UFC fanatic you are Serrels - you seem to try and work it into an article at least once a week!

    I'm not sure if I read it on here or not but I was surprised to find out Scott Jorgensen is a competitive gamer as well:

    Last edited 04/08/14 12:48 pm

      Yeah I've totally thought about interviewing him about that!

        I'd love to read that!

        I wonder how good he is? Every time I check that Twitch channel he's offline, unfortunately.

      I am glad he won his last one - the poor guy had his bags packed ready for Bellator for a while there.

      Always brings it - and he has mad tatts.

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