Watch 17 Minutes Of The Sims 4 In Action

Video: The Sims 4 doesn't have any pools or toddlers, but its new, more emotional approach to The Sims is still pretty neat. Watch this video for an overview of what's new and stick around to see me grill producer Graham Nardone on concerns of removing content and whether this game is really a worthy sequel.


    Aww yiss, adding this to my queue for tonight. Not even kidding, I am super excited for Sims 4.

    I don't get the Sims at all, it kind of just looks like what my sister used to do playing with her Barbies.

      Haha, that's kind of it. Make believe. For me, it's the fun of making a new character (hello RPG thrills), and then creating any kind of house I like. It takes a degree of creativity and imagination to make it more than it seems.

      I'd kind of get this argument, but FPS' are kind of the same as I used to do playing with action figures.

      I also often liked getting all my toys together and play games that were kind of like and RTS games long before I'd ever actually seen or played an RTS game.

      I get if it isn't your kind of game (Hell I'm not actually a huge fan), but it's not like it's really any different to any other genre of gaming.

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