Well Of Course Broforce Is Getting An Official Expendables Tie-In

Let's be honest: Broforce was basically already an unofficial Expendables video game, so it's not a huge shock to hear that they're making it official. It is, however, a reason for there to be more (free!) Broforce, which is always a good thing.

Titled The Expendabros, the promotional tie-in is a collaboration between the people who made The Expendables 3 and the developers of Broforce. It features characters from the movie leaping and exploding their way through ten Broforce-style missions.

It's free to download on Steam, and if you like it I highly recommend getting the actual early access version of Broforce, also on Steam. It features a lot of the same actor-bros as The Expendables, and it owns.

Via PC Gamer


    Played a few of the missions, it's a lot of fun and it's free!

    Surely Kotaku can filter out the almost identical posts from the US/AUS/UK?

    I'm just surprised the developers weren't hit with a (unjustified) DMCA.

      Unlikely since its an official tie-in. advertises expendables 3 on loading screens.

      This one's an official tie in

        The joke was that I expected movie companies to DMCA Broforce. My expectations were flipped turned upside down when the movie companies decided to embrace it and make it official.

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