We’re Long Overdue For A Good Skiing/Winter Sports Game

Video: Snow might be filling that void. The small-team title that’s using CryEngine for its frosty action will be heading to PS4, in addition to PC .


  • Yes please. Last awesome snowboarding game for snowboarders to come out was Supreme Snowboarding. Hope the controls are somewhat similar. Will take skiing in the meantime.

  • Good to see that snowboarding will be in this too, the bottom of the skis read “Snowboarding is cool – skiers just get in the way”. It needs a tight control scheme like EA’s skate though.

  • I thought the latest SSX was ok – apart from the later levels that concentrated more on getting to the end of the track rather than pulling off awesome tricks.

    • I keep meaning to start that game again and give it a proper chance.

      It didn’t feel very much like the originals which was what I was hoping for, so it ended up on the discard pile pretty quick. But I keep thinking I was probably a bit hasty with that judgement and should give it a second chance with readjusted expectations.

      • I only ever briefly played the originals. If you ever do decide to give it another go – my favourite was the New Zealand Trick level. If you don’t enjoy bombing down that one then the game is not for you.

    • My favourite events were the ‘race the avalanche’ ones where you started at the top and kept going top to bottom until you got knocked down, doing tricks etc to build up the boost bar. Was an interesting camera angle too, in front instead of behind. Been ages since I booted it but so can’t remember the event names

      • I really liked that one too – and agree re: the camera angle. From memory it was a relatively short level and didn’t have a lot of replayability though. Once you had gone down it a couple of times that was the end of it. Plus, from the camera angle – as good as it was – you couldn’t see what tricks you were doing.

    • I was super hyped for it, bought it, played it for two hours, then went back to play it again and my progress hadn’t saved and since then it just ended up on the backburner…

  • Nothing good since EA Winter’s Games.

    But srsly, I could get into a snow game hardcore like Skate. Something that makes you work for it.

    • SSX Tricky was ridiculously good fun. SSX3’s long long combined track from summit to city was awesome. On Tour was fun but buggy and not as good as the previous iterations. The SSX reboot kept me well amused for a while (but would have been much more fun if I’d had any PSN friends playing it).

      Hopeful for a decent PS4 snow game – let’s hope this does the job.

  • Ooh yay. This looks pretty, and fun. I really hope there’s an option for excellent brightly coloured ski outfits.

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