What Are You Playing This Weekend?

For once, I don't have to play World of Warcraft this weekend.

That doesn't mean that I won't play World of Warcraft this weekend.

Oh gawd.

This weekend I have a couple of gaming plans. I think I might try and pick up where I left off on Wind Waker HD on the Wii U, but I'm also keen to play a little bit of The Last Of Us on PS4. Don't get me wrong, there's no way I'm going to play through the entire game, but at the very least I'm keen to play through that brilliant first section, just to see how the visual updates affect the experience. I think that'll be fun.

What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?


    I'll be trying to get a hold on Darkwood, the permadeath is pretty unforgiving especially when you get chased and killed by something you can't see!

    I picked up where I left off in 3d dot game hero yesterday, so I imagine my spare time will be spent between that, and Marvel Puzzle Quest.


    Also, Civ V

    You are too much for me Civ V, you sonofawhoreson bitch. I wish I knew how to quit you.

      Heh, I wasted pretty much all of Thursday on a game of Civ V. I'm hoping it doesn't sink it's teeth in on again on the weekend.

    New patch is out for Star Citizen dogfighting so going to give that a go. Otherwise I'll spend my time finishing Braverly Default and giving Kane and Lynch 2 a go from the Humble Bundle. Everyone has always said it is terrible but I've always been interested in it's style.

      Everyone was right, its horrible, like proper should never have been released horrible.
      I very much enjoyed the first one, but goddamn... did i mention how horrible the second was?

        Awwww man :( thanks anyway. I guess the visual style is what really interested me.

        I beleive you missed out the part where it is horrible.

    Chipping away at a civ V map. First game I have acted aggressively towards the other civs and it is fun! *evil laugh, stroke cat*
    Also started bravely default, using villagers I gained from demo to rebuild the town.

    Gonna try and finish RAGE, then I dunno. Probably Deus Ex on Wii U, as I've been planning been planning to play it for years in various different formats and never got around to it.

    Although I'm currently between jobs, so I'll probably continue on to play them most days for the next 2 weeks :)

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      I went back to play Deus Ex: DC and I was so happy that I did. You'll have a great time.

    Hopefully getting my Playstation controller to usb adapter so I might play a bunch of platformers, probably Super Meat Boy and Yoshi's Island.

    Super sexy modded Skyrim & Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls.

    I want more Wow updates though so you best get up in Azeroth's face and try not get ganked in Stranglethorn

      I think i'll be doing the same. One of my WD's carnevil gear is finally coming together, so i'll be testing out some T6 rift runs with my legion of spitting minions! MWAHAHAHAAAAA

        Awwww nice, Been farming the Earth set for my Barb.. It's a slow process

    If Strike Suit Zero is out today for Xbone I'll download it later tonight and jam that over the weekend along with some Fifa 14 seasons.

    I have a tournament for Warmachine. I'm bringing Motherwracking epic Reznik!

    After that I don't know. Halo: Reach or backlog. Maybe play some more 2DS.

      Go Orsus or go home.

        Pfft, Butcher aint got nothing on me. I'll take away your spells and then charge your army. Not like he's going to support them.

          E1 don't need no support, its always just a chop happy time when he is around. That said I don't mind rolling my Conquest or Behemoth for poops and giggles.

          The only shame is that our Warmachine scene died in central Australia.

            Our scene isn't dying, but I can see it happening. The problem is the people are only interested in winning and not playing. So the first week of a league is when people are most likely to play. They check the score to see who's in the lead and if they're not in the top 3 they just give up for the rest of the month. So it's really a race between the top 3 to stay on top, finishing with scores of about 80 above the rest.

            The players who get the most games are naturally the new players who are using th league to get into the game. As the older players just destroy them due to their lack of knowledge of the game to boost their score (I've caught some 'forgetting' the rules as well).

              That is kinda what happened to us, we had a few players that went to hordes and noticed an immediate increase in wins (Troll blood bombers are probably the most BS unit I have ever seen); the others got disheartened by how easily mid cost horde war beasts were able to deal damage to warjacks that had a much higher cost.

              I personally don't feel like the two series fit together too well as hordes units are just ridiculously more flexible, which makes them more broken than introducing clans to the innersphere.

                Beasts are naturally better then Jacks, but Warmachine infantry are overall better then Hordes infantry. Not only that, but Warlocks require multiple Beasts while Casters can be happy using only one. If you can kill all Beasts, the game is basically over. Just start laying into the rest while the Warlock starts cutting himself (don't report that saying, it's not a joke it's an actual mechanic in the game).

                and I may be wrong about this but I think Gargantuans are overall worse then Colossals. In my games, a Colossal is something you have to strategise for, but Gargantuans are something you work around or just go through (no wreck marker either).

                On the outside, a lot of people think the game is decided over who can hit the hardest but once you're in the game you'll find infantry doing a lot of work.

                  Its not so much that, I personally (as a Khador player) just find it hard to deal with the flexibility of all the hordes armies, I know its my own fault for choosing a rather blunt weapon, but I am not exactly just throwing my star(s) of guards at them. My house mate runs Troolbloods and I have legit never beaten him because even with girded the buffs he can give his bomber are silly; I have planted my witch behind a demolisher (for girded) in a forest within which ever ability it is that gives it stealth and he still gets to hit due to an ability that his warlock gives that gives true sight or what ever its called.

                  SUCH A LOAD OF BALONEY.

                  @vaegrand Unless the positioning was bad, how did he get LoS to your Witch?
                  A way around that is to move a model into melee with it. He has to kill the model before being allowed to use a range attack.

                  Also a benefit over Hordes is that Warmachine players have flexibility with Mercenaries. Hordes only has Minions, and there's not that huge of a selection.

                  He only needs to hit a def 12 large Warjack with a power 16 (I think) which can be boosted and empowered through abilities; he has two of these each round and if I do decide to break cover attack chances are I will be met with spears that apply smite which while not a problem for my demolisher normally destroy anything with a high def and mid to low arm. I can give every one else a good run, but the horde armies just have so many tricks up their sleeve that I struggle to get a strat going.

                  @vaegrand If the Warjack has girded, how did your Warcaster die? Unless you just sat there and let the Jack blow up for a couple of turns.

                  But that's the end result, not sure how the match went with your whole army.

                  Also, think about playing objectives, the game opens up a lot more when people can't just sit back and throw out AOEs.

                  One solo to take is Saxon Orrik. He can reduce a fury point or add 1 to max out the total fury to prevent trasnfering.

    Rogue Legacy on Vita, and Super Mario 3D World....by my lonesome :((((

      Look forward to hearing what it's like, I have it sitting on top of my pile of shame :( haha

      Haha :( indeed. I love me some 3D Mario platformers but 3D World wasn't that fun singleplayer since it was designed with multi in mind. As soon as I grabbed a buddy it was a lot more fun.

      If only there was online multi... *shakes fist at Nintendo*

    The Last of Us Remastered. It's spectacular on the PS4 and the little visual touches makes my game of the year from last year even better. Really loving it.

      Wasn't expecting to buy it at launch, but I grabbed it on special for a little less than the norm. Guess I'll also be fighting mould this weekend ;)


    Actually, I have to hold back on that. Friend invited me to go with them to Smash next weekend, so that means I gotta spend this one making sure my costume's in a respectable state.

    More Divinity!
    started Rayman Legends the other day & goddamn.... that's a charming & fun game. probably more of that, too.

      Good luck getting the final achievement.



        Edit: Achievements aren't exactly important to me, but I'm curious. I'm might try getting it just outta spite if its that difficult :p

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          You have to do Daily/Weekly Challenges (2 new each day, 2 new each week) and beat out other players for scoring. If you manage to get a Gold cup for each challenge, it will take you about 80 days to finally unlock the achievement. You can get a Diamond cup, but that's extremely difficult to get, but will get you the achievement in 2-3 weeks if you can get one for each challenge.

            haha.... I think i'll give that one a miss :p

              Pfft, I managed to do it. It only takes 2-5 hours out of your day.

    I'll be playing the assemble the new kitchen game. Also, some Tenpin Bowling, Hearthstone, Disney Infinity and whatever else takes my fancy, Pinball FX 2 maybe.

    Catchup time on movies as well, gonna try and watch Sex Tape, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, Hercules, Lucy and Guardians Of The Galaxy.

    And lastly, I'm gonna consume as much junk food as is humanly possible before the TAY Fitocracy challenge starts on Monday.

    Get through some more Wolfenstein. Maybe some GTA Online

    Either replaying tales of symphonia, or starting monster hunter tri i think

    edit; tho to be honest i think most of my spare time will be spent re-watching Bleach. Man it's a goody

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    I'm playing LEGO. yeah, be jelly.


      So jelly.

      It's not a toy, it's a sophisticated interlocking brick system :p

    I thought I would get out of the house for a bit....so im playing lord of the rings online. I like strolling around the shire, plus the summer festival is on so that should be fun.

    New & Tasty!

      That's out? The Abe's Odyssey remake?!

        Yup and it's really good! I think every element is an improvement on the original except some of the sound design is worse, not as punchy as the original. Enjoy

          I just looked it up - PS4/PS3 only at this stage, is there a Steam version coming out?

            Yep PC and Mac, release date still TBA though. I'm playing on PS4

    Bought Rogue Legacy last night and am loving it, so will play a bit of that.

    I'm stuck in New & Tasty so I might have another quick go on that to see if I can get past the bit I'm stuck on. If not I may have to resort to the FAQs...

    Still no internet... so I'll be continuing with Dark Souls 2, which I picked up again last weekend after a three month hiatus. If I can figure out where to go, I feel I may even finish it this weekend... something I still feel is surreal, given that I gave up at O&S when I played DaS1.
    Also, Rocksmith, which I've been neglecting without the constant weekly incentive of new songs to enjoy...

      Ouch who is your provider?

      (In before the inevitable sun bro's, the sun is not your provider)

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        It's essentially a nightmare of a situation. Spoilered to spare those that don't care.
        I moved into an apartment two and a half years ago, when the building opened, and the owner provided a 16Mbit 500GB Optus connection for all 10 apartments to share, with the assurance that "if I found it unsatisfactory, I could organise my own". As it seemed that not every tenant knew/cared it existed, it was perfect for me.
        Cut to April this year, when the building got sold, the service cut out in early-June, and the new owner and new REA know nothing about the old connection. After 3+ weeks of bouncing emails back and forth with the new REA, I got the go-ahead to sort out my own connection. Another week of investigating how the building was actually wired (turns out its a clusterfreak... a single Luca Box with about 20 spliced connections shoved inside, going to a patch panel in the laundry instead of directly to the apartments) I rang iiNet and talked over my options. Now at the stage of them booking a Telstra tech to come and attempt an installation/line activation, whichever's necessary, sometime next week. I know another apartment has their own connection, so it shouldn't be this hard... And now the new REA is asking for updates, as they've apparently got less information than I do. *facepalm*
        So, looking up at the moment, but it's week #7, and I'm subsisting on mobile internet and Youtube videos I've downloaded at work... I've made peace with missing the Destiny beta :'(, but I just want Internet access that's not restricted to 1GB a month on a 5" screen... I can't even enjoy the games I got during the Steam sale...

          If you have any problems with installation of your telstra line email me on [email protected]

            Thanks, I just may do that. Hopefully everything will go smoothly... hopefully.
            I guess the upside is I don't have to worry about min-maxing invaders with optimised builds and hundreds of hours of experience. :D

              I am a consultant in rural Australia, but getting in contact with someone from your region won't be too hard.

              The real thing to be thankful for is that your adventures into the Rat cov areas aren't a nightmare.

                Oh, I got to the Rat Vanguard bonfire in April - that boss was the reason I stopped playing... cos I forgot that this game gave you "choices", apparently. :/
                Just getting to that bonfire was an exercise in frustration... "You have been summoned as a grey phantom"... "You have been backstabbed by someone waiting behind your spawn point"... "Returning to your world"... "You have been summoned as a grey phantom"... repeat... *sigh*
                I'm thinking I should probably take out the Belfries before I get my 'net back, tho. I've heard the horror stories of Belfry Luna... and the fact that the game encourages that style of play irks me to no end...

    Last of Us Remastered when I'm not at a LAN party (we're playing the re-release of Rise of Nations!)

    Just purchased Divinity: Original Sin so hopefully I'll squeeze in some of that as I hear it's pretty amazing.

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