What Are You Playing This Weekend?

As some of you may be aware, all of my consoles are totally in storage at the moment, so gaming this weekend is going to be difficult. But I've set myself an impossible target. I'm going to play that Swing Copters game, by the creator of Flappy Birds. I'm going to try and score more than one. An impossible goal.

That game man. That stupid game. It's so... difficult. Needlessly difficult even. It's so... rudimentary. It's so... bloody hell. I don't even know why I'm playing it but I am.

It's a little bit frustrating, because I was super keen on playing Diablo III on consoles this week. I have a copy on my desk that I've been unable to play because of my current living situation. It's complete bollocks.

What are you all planning to play this weekend?


    Diablo 3. That witch doctor is crazy awesome!

      Wizard for me, disintegrate beyblade hehehe.

        Crusader for me !!! up to about level 27 loving it, but I keep hearing everyone saying how good the WD and DH are so I might roll an alt and see how that goes.

          I'm doing Act V now level 38, I'll most likely make an alt after either finishing Act V or hitting level 70. How's the Crusader?

            Yeah really cool, I get lost in all the chaos on screen sometimes. I've been messing around with the skills a bit and he seems to be a bit of a utility. can set him up as either melee or he has a couple of skills for range if want with a heal chucked in for good measure.

            I haven't actually died yet, I bumped the difficulty up to hard but still haven't died (so maybe he's a bit OP). Bumping difficulty up only seems to take longer to mow the enemies down and not really that much harder (due to scaling system I think) I'm only in act 1 still and already about level 27 or 28 (lol)

            I'm thinking the crusader would have been a good hardcore character due to being a bit of a jack of all trades.

              I bumped the difficulty up because I hadn't died yet either (changed around chapter 4), but I got piled by elite archers >_< I might give a Crusader a go then when I try for the lvl70 hardcore trophy. I do love a melee with a self heal though. And wow that high in Act 1, I was level 13 at the end haha.

                Yeah the bonus XP from hard mode and a few items with extra XP attached and my levels have been flying by, Almost too fast.

                  Played D3 on PC till lvl 70 on a Witch Doctor, he is a blast to play.
                  Picked up D3 today for the PS4, looking forward to the weekend with it and no lag (thats why I stopped playing PC - network lag btw).
                  Thinking ill rock a crusader this time though. Also the extra xp doesnt seem to be all that much extra once you start getting through the level 55's and above. Not to mention the Paragon levels.

      I went witch doctor - those firebats man. Sooooo good.

      Barbarian for me first time through. Loving it.
      dkNigs on XBL.

        I love my barb, so i just xfered my lvl 60 over from xbox 360 and now stomping through act V on hard :) so much fun. so much loot. *drools*

      I've started both a Crusader and Wizard up to about level 6-7 over the last couple of days. Both have appealed to me so far.

      Same here! Looking for Jade's pants to complete the Quetz/Soul Harvest nuke

    Diablo III, if I can tear my wife away from ACIII long enough. If not, I'll start The Blackwell Deception, having just finished The Blackwell Convergence. Then I can finally justify purchasing The Blackwell Epiphany!

    Picking up my Ps4 tonight, not sure on the reception I'll get from the Wife when she sees it, I wont have any games for it either is there any freebies? Warframe any good?

    Other than that BF4 Double XP weekend, more Wolfenstein and finish Peggle 2.

      Congrats on the new PS4. Not sure about Warframe but definitely check out Resogun if you can or some of the other downloadables.

      PS4 has no games. Didn't you get the memo? :P

      If you've got PS+ then you can grab a couple of games from that. If you don't have PS+, you can get a free 14 day trial - do that and you can grab that then get Road Not Taken and Fez and play them for free for 14 days. You might even be able to sneak in a day or two of next month's PS+ freebies, assuming they change them the week after next.

      If you have a PS3 and/or Vita then you may find you can get some of those games on PS4 without paying any extra thanks to cross-buy. And like you said, there are some free to play ones on the store. I haven't played any of them but... you know... F2P... meh.

      You can also download P.T. for free off the store. That's that interactive teaser thing for the new Silent Hill. Don't know if it counts as a game or not, but it looks nice and will keep you busy for a few minutes.

        I will get around to getting ps+ eventually, I hoped there was a month or so free with it, bit gutted the ones on nzgameshop.com are for UK only. Borrowing Last of Us and Infamous next week.

        And yea I knew there wasn't much out, but there is a few games early next year I like the look of I have the money and if I don't buy it now I know I'll spend it.

          There are actually plenty of games, just not many free ones :)

          You shouldn't need to go through nzgameshop - you can get a free PS+ trial off the PS Store. Or at least you can off the Australian one, I assume the NZ one would be the same. Just go into the PS+ section of the store and the free trial should be available there alongside the other subscription options.

            I already have an xbone with live for that, that will continue to be my main platform, but I liked the idea of getting some free ps+ games and for the exclusives that require it for online? Cheapest I've found was $70ish for a year but thats UK only one on NZG, think I got years XBL for around $55.

              Yeah big problem with PS+ is that is it not cheap in Australia and it won't go on sale either, worst of all, codes are not global unlike XBL.

                It does go on sale from time to time. I don't think I've ever actually paid $70 for it. The discounts aren't generally huge... sometimes it'll be maybe 15% off, other times it might be 13 months for the price of 12 or something like that. The trick is to keep an eye out for when it's on sale and jump on it then. You can renew at any time and it will just get added on to the end of your current subscription.

                I haven't actually seen it on sale since PS4 got released... I guess with so many new people coming on board they haven't felt the need to put it on sale while people are signing up in huge numbers anyway.

                  Yeah, I managed to buy last time when they had 20% off PSN wallet and I've been getting 3 months and just expired today, will probably wait until Destiny release until I continue the subscription.

      Don't forget to grab the Silent Hills demo, it's called P.T. on the Playstation store.

      Beware though the last puzzle in the demo is illogical and you will need to refer to the internet to solve it.

        Tried all internet method, still have not solved the last puzzle. I'm so mad when I see Lisa I feel like strangling her.

      Yeah dahlia you will be waiting awhile,
      I thought Sony said PS4 is for the players ironically it has no games...

      anyways guys crusader is quality haha so OP! and the steed hahaha too funny

    Deus Ex, Mario Kart 8, and I just made the fiscally responsible decision to buy a PS4. So I'm staying up late beating everybody's times in Trials Fusion. Welcome to the future!

    PS: I'll happily take that copy of Diablo III off your hands Mark. You know, if you're getting tired of looking at it. I am really keen to play it on console.

    Star Wars The Old Republic. It just got one of the biggest free updates for an MMO that i have ever seen, with guild flagships, guild planet conquests, player and guild housing, legacy storage all now available as well as making all the existing content relevant again through decoration drops and the conquest metagame.

      I'll have to make a note of that. I've sort of tuned The Old Republic out since I stopped playing. I really enjoyed it but I felt like everything I liked about it turned into either bland WoW-like stuff or a grind.

    Missus is doing the Colour Run on Sunday leaving me to play Hearthstone all day. Soooooo Hearthstone.

      Yeah I'm still playing this... can't... press... quit... button...

    Last Of Us, thanks DSE for the $399 console!

    Hearthstone as always. However I'm organising a late night Friday multiplayer Steam session with some mates to play Chivalry (such silly fun, and surprisingly tactical if you want it to be) and CS:GO (I'm scared already but we'll be teaming up with no strangers).

    This may well continue tomorrow, however Melbourne weather is meant to be 21 and we haven't had that in ages - so maybe some fishing.

      however Melbourne weather is meant to be 21 and we haven't had that in ages - so maybe some fishing.

      If the weather keeps up like today I'm definitely dragging my TV and XBOX out onto the deck so I can play Diablo in the sun. =)

    Getting back into Arma2 Dayz mod as i have been madly addicted to Minecraft for months.Going to try out the Epoch mod. Maybe play some Arma 3 also.

    I blame you Mark for my return to WoW. Jumping back to the Horde and running my 86 warrior and 80 Mage. Will probably be bouncing between them as I get bored

    Heavenly Sword for the most part with some Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds and Etrian Odyssey Untold mixed in.

    Just moved and need to set up my consoles. Might start recording some Halo 2 footage.

    If not, some Warmachine gaming or playing with my 2DS.

    The apply for jobs game!

    And maybe Skyrim. And all this Diablo talk makes me want to jump back into it

      You and me both buddy. Stay positive!

        Sending one off today!

          I'm right there with ya's, I don't know how much more rejection I can handle. (SPOILER: I can handle a lot)

    PS3 - The Adventures of Tintin... those damn plane challenges have got to me. I won't rest until I plat them all.

    PS4 - Thief - warming up on this. There is something about sneaking around and stealing shinies that is just so gratifying.

    Vita - Monster Monpiece - starting to pick up some decent cards now and the battles are as addictive as ever.

    Vita - Project Diva f 2nd - got my first extreme perfect and it has given me a zap of motivation to keep practising! Love me some Miku (and friends)!

    Diablo III! Went with the DH...not sure about him, however. I find I'm still getting way too close to baddies. This seems to suggest I should've gone with a melee-style build.

    Playing through Dark Souls 2 dlc and probably spend most of it running from ghosts

    I'll be standing around in a suit looking pretty.

    Dishonored is having a free weekend on Steam, so I figure I'll plow through the main story and hopefully not have to pay the artificially inflated price ($11.24USD in Aus compared to $4.99USD in the US)

      Dishonored is a steal at anything less than $20 - you're getting your money's worth even at that "high" price (and especially for $0).

        Personally I've never seen the appeal of the games from Bethesda... I thought Fallout 3 was a chore and the Elder Scrolls buggy messes. I'll give Dishonored a chance but I'm not expecting much (Might work in my favour).

        As for buying it, I simply won't support regional pricing... They keep charging Australian's higher prices because people keep paying it... I know one sale won't make a difference, but I'll stand by my principle.

    Dark Souls 2 DLC, Rocksmith (as always). I'm debating whether I want to do a Wolf Among Us marathon...

    Not much gaming time again, bloody work, I'll most likely try and squeeze in some Forza 5, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, The Lego Movie Game, Lego: The Hobbit, and maybe some Disney Infinity.

      Lego Marvel super heroes is a surprisingly great game :) i had a blast with it.

    Got my PS4 this week and had my first hands-on with MGS:Ground Zeroes last night. I'll definitely be going through that a bit more this weekend, maybe a few of the other PS+ titles in my Library.

    I'm also tempted by CounterSpy, which is currently on sale - has anyone had some time with this game? Able to give a short review? Is it worth ~$15?

    360 - GTA Online. Maybe some ds in +.
    X1 - D3. Tiding us over till Destiny
    PS4 - maybe some TLOU
    PC - Divinity OS with the missus. Maybe some civ 5. Getting psyched for Beyond Earth.

      I hope to boot up GTAO to muck around with the new content. It's been a while since I've played and it seems like as good an excuse as any.

        I quite enjoyed the challenge of the flight school at the airport online. Quite fun and decent payout too! The way they've altered the payouts to make basically every other mission other than rooftop rumble worthwhile is good. I find hack and dash pretty good for the payout especially solo if none of your mates/crew is online.

    STILL playing through New Vegas. Gonna try and finish going through The Lonesome Road this weekend. Went in there about 10 levels earlier than it recommended and on hardcore mode with Project Nevada installed. I'm now getting 2-3 shotted by the tunnelers. Might need to turn around and come back in a few levels :(

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