What Bloodborne Will Look Like When You're Actually Playing It

Bloodborne looks great — like Dark Souls' cool trench-coat-wearing uncle — but we've only really seen it in "epic" trailers, screenshots, and gifs. Pure, mostly unfiltered gameplay footage sounds like just what the doctor (Dr. Dark Souls PHD, to be clear) ordered.

Everyone in this game world has such great hats. And fashion sense in general. It's like a new Souls mixed with the Van Helsing game we always wished for, but never dared demand — lest there be supernatural consequences like... a really big wolf. Or another Van Helsing movie starring Hugh Jackman.

Not the biggest fan of that camera in the last fight, though. Hopefully they do some work on that.

Man, though. Original Dark Souls' director Hidetaka Miyazaki is back, and I couldn't be happier.


    This makes me so happy I bought a PS4 at launch, because so far there aren't many other justifications!

    That was amazing. Love the giant spider(?) wrapped around that building in the background at 5.04.

    You know how I know this game will at least be better than Dark Souls 2?
    That boss. It screams unique to me, no pun intended. This stuff is the stuff Dark Souls 2 needed.

    Those weapons look very interesting... Having physical differences between 1H and 2H forms, changing the range and style completely... I wonder if this is representative of most weapons, or if it's just a few exceptions that they're showing to create interest.

      They have said that all weapons extend in some way, there is a button mapped to that function specifically, I think they said it was L1?

    Why are they all wearing hats down over half of their face? Its night time.

    As long as the cool trench coat wearing uncle isnt Aiden Pearce.

      I for one have always felt that Dark Souls needed a shallow unshaven soccer dad.

    I'm absolutely psyched to finally play another good Souls game. I'm way more psyched to see Nathan Grayson lose his job though. Did you guys know he accepted sexual bribery in exchange for positive game coverage? Despicable.

      Innocent until proven guilty, or at least till we've heard his side of the whole debacle. Doesn't look great though.

      If you think Kotaku US has journalistic standards - you have another thing coming!

      Also I have to applaud a guy for getting sex as a kickback rather than just Doritos and Mountain Dew!

      Last edited 21/08/14 4:01 am

    That was one hell of a ladder.

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