Which Game Has The Best Intro Sequence?

Which Game Has The Best Intro Sequence?

Most of the best video games grab your attention right from the start. They show you something amazing, or mysterious, or beautiful, and pull you in.

Yesterday, Gone Home developer Steve Gaynor made the bold proclamation that the intro to Fallout was the greatest video game intro of all time:

quick reminder of the greatest video game intro sequence of all time https://t.co/w2mCjBRN98

— Steve Gaynor (@fullbright) August 5, 2014

It's a strong entry, to be sure, but I'm not sure I'd say it's the BEST. That made me realise that I could ask you all what you think.

So, have at it: Which game has the best intro sequence? Post them below, with video embeds whenever possible. For our intents, let's be liberal with what an "intro sequence" is. Basically, it's how the game opens. It can be a cutscene or an interactive sequence - basically whatever happens when you first start the game.

If you see someone else has already entered your game, star it instead of making your own entry. Then, we'll count the stars and see who comes out on top.


    Onimusha 3, followed by Onimusha 1

      Oh sweet baby jesus yes.

      That was quite awesome

    The Assassins creed II intro was pretty touching. Especially after you've played the ezio trilogy.

      Yup, it's not even close to my favourite game but it's by far my favourite opening.

    Uncharted 2. Oh man, was I excited for that game, though... perhaps that's influenced it.
    Half Life's was pretty special, too. Obvious choice, but needs to be said.

      I'm adding Resident Evil 2. I was blown away the first time I saw that.

    Do the character introductions in Borderlands 1 and 2 count? I really liked them

    Mass effect 2

      I prefer the intros to 1 and 3. 1 because of the pure space opera goodness, and 3 because of 'Leaving Earth'.

    Back in the day the "intro sequence" was the movie played before hitting the main menu screen.

    Anyways, classic examples are FF7 and Metal Gear Solid.

    I'm going to say Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 (collectively).
    I can't go past that beautiful music and styling.
    A close second would be Final Fantasy X.

      I'd put KHII's just the tiniest bit above KH's, but they're definitely my favourite.

    Little King's Story (Wii). Nothing else has affected me quite like first seeing that.

    Honourable mentions to Meteos.

      Man, Meteos is such a underlooked game. Hope Sakurai makes a 3DS one after he finishes with Smash Bros.

    Metriod Prime

    This could turn into a very long list.....
    My contribution, lets go way back.....Syndicate wars. Or Crusader no Remorse.

    The FF games always had amazing starts but I'd go with the 2nd part of Infinite's Burial at Sea DLC. The way the music was used was brilliant.

    The first five minutes of Mass Effect 2 really jump out as one of the best introduction sequences of all time.

    Honourable mention must go to Bioshock with it's introduction to Rapture, Skyrim with a town under siege by a Dragon and Batman: Arkham Asylum, for immediately making Joker such a compelling villian, and giving us a little look at other villians like Killer Croc while escorting him through the Asylum.

    I remember at the time the intro of MGS2 was the first one to make me feel like I was in some kinda Hollywood movie...

    Ninja Gaiden 1 on the NES. Blew my mind back in the day

    The Last of Us intro/prologue is my pick. Way to build foreboding, tension and immersion all in the space of 15 odd minutes.

      Fighting tears on the first chapter... I knew it's an emotional game but nothing prepared me for that rollercoaster


    I thought God Of War 3's opening gameplay was pretty awesome. Straight into the action!

    My vote goes to Full Throttle


    Half-Life. It really hit home that you're just an every day schmo, working 9 to 5, while also introducing you to the range of environments that you'll soon be running/crawling/leaping/avoiding around shortly.

      "Good morning, and welcome to the Black Mesa Transit System. This automated train is provided for the security and convenience of the Black Mesa Research Facility personnel. The time is eight-forty seven A.M... Current topside temperature is ninety three degrees with an estimated high of one hundred and five. The Black Mesa compound is maintained at a pleasant sixty-eight degrees at all times"

      I can still remember pretty much the entire spiel from that train ride

        It gives me goose bumps. I was 18. It cost me $60. I loved it sooo much. For the next 8 years at least it was my favourite game of all time.

      All those years ago HL set the bar and the stage for what an intro could be. The fact that you we're kind of 'playing it' (albiet very passively) was genius. GG Valve. I hear HL3 intro is a LARP.

    I will always remember Tenchu: Return from Darkness https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zEjhEPIYl3M

    I used to turn it on and let that intro run all day while i was busy with other things.

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