What I Bought At BronyCon

What I Bought At BronyCon

Just this silly little mouse pad. That's all nothing else. Well... see, I needed a mouse pad because the hotel I am staying at has glass-topped desks, so my laser mouse wasn't tracking. Thankfully one of the first booths I came across in the dealer's room sold mouse pads for $US15. The guy there seemed honestly surprised at my excitement.

So yeah, just the mouse pad. And the print that came with the mouse pad.

What I Bought At BronyCon

The mouse pad cost $US15, I handed the guy a $US20, and he told me for the extra $US5 I could pick a print. In honour of Kotaku boss Stephen Totilo's favourite franchise, I picked this one.

Well dammit, now I had a print sleeve, with only one print in it. Obviously I needed more prints.

What I Bought At BronyCon

First, Tony Fleecs' amazing 2013 Botcon exclusive comic book cover, featuring Optimus Prime in Pinkie Pie, signed by the artist himself.

What I Bought At BronyCon

And then I found this down another aisle, from an artist whose name I probably should have made note of before handing him $US20.

What I Bought At BronyCon

And since I was in a print buying mood, I couldn't say no to Katie Cook's pony cosplay adventure, signed by the artist. Everything she draws is so happy.

What I Bought At BronyCon

Again, no idea who the artist is, but how could I possibly resist this? LOOK AT THEM. THEY ARE POKEMON. She has a lot more at her booth. I shouldn't go back today.

So that's about it. Just those prints, and the mouse pad and — oh, I brought one too few t-shirts with me. Well then, over to WeLoveFine, one of several dealers attending the convention under a shall business name in order to keep a degree of separation between the convention and Hasbro.

What I Bought At BronyCon

Completely video game related. I have no regrets.

While I was there, I picked up some Rainbow Dash leggings for my wife, who deserves so much more and is very pretty and will one day read my posts.

What I Bought At BronyCon

And since I was waiting in line so long — they couldn't really see me on the scooter — I talked myself into picking up a flocked vinyl DJ Pon-3.

What I Bought At BronyCon

Oh, and they had the Future Twilight vinyl with the cropped hair, bodysuit and eye patch.

What I Bought At BronyCon

Phew, all done!

Almost all done!

I was kind of excited, going into the dealer's room, at the prospect of picking up a custom hand-made plushie. These lovely creations were all over the marketplace, proud new owner exiting the room as if they were just crowned King or Queen of the Amazing People. I wanted to be that.

Then I realised even the smallest ones run for $US50-$100. There was a bigger one for $US1,500.

What I Bought At BronyCon

I bought a licensed Rainbow Dash for $US20. She spent the day riding on my GoPro.

*looks through bag* I think we're... oh, nope.

What I Bought At BronyCon

I picked up a double starter set for Enterplay's collectible card game as well. There's a sealed deck tournament for beginners I hope to get in on today. Enterplay is another company selling under a different name,to ensure Hasbro can't be connected to the show.

And we're done, just in time as well. If I'd continued shopping, I would have started by completely stupid things, like this hat.

What I Bought At BronyCon

Yeah, I don't know what the hell I was thinking there.


    For those interested, some of the people that worked on the MLP comics are coming to the Adelaide and Brisbane Supanova.

    (You know I'd dare say MLP is neither games nor Japanese culture, but hey whatever)
    Most of this is gibberish to me, and I'm okay with this.

    "comic book cover, featuring Optimus Prime in Pinkie Pie"

    Oh my.

    .................. MLP is infiltrating EVERYTHING. just the other day on deviant art, I spotted samus, zero suit samus & oh noooo NOT RIDLEY ponies. Btw deathbattle already did a transformers/ MLP crossover & the pony WON.

    ..................... *hangs head in shame for commentating on another bronicon kotaku post, but instead remembers something GOTHIC*
    fun fanfic fact: I do believe someone has written a MLP fanfic in which both terumi & kyubey appear & brings out twilight sparkles TRUE POWER which is *spoilers* QRFGEHPGVBA BS RAGVER JBEYQ GURL NER BA
    good to get horrifying fact out

    If we were new friends and I went over to your place for the first time - that mousepad would be enough. Sorry man, Sheldon Cooper's the only autistic person I hang with.

    First time iv commented on a story here and the last time i will ever visit this site

    you should be ashamed of yourself

    Oh god I actually think these are kinda cool. Have never watched the show but I have a daughter now so perhaps I should watch it with her >.>

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