Wheels Down At The Biggest Little Pony Convention Of The Year

Wheels Down At The Biggest Little Pony Convention Of The Year

Today through Sunday Baltimore, Maryland plays host to the the largest My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan gathering in the world, and Kotaku is there, with a mobility scooter’s eye view of the festivities.

Having recently discovered through magnetic resonance imaging that my lower spine resembles the most badly-played game of Jenga ever, no one would fault me for skipping out on BronyCon 2014. Well, no one except for me.

I’ve been a fan of the current on-screen iteration of Hasbro’s equine toy line for several years now, drawn in by the sharp animation style and hooked by clever writing that promotes positive social interactions without beating viewers over the head with a message.

I collect the toys, I watch the show, and USA Today has quoted me as a Brony — and that’s really why I’m here. To be a part of a community that celebrates friendship, kindness, joy and acceptance in the face of hatred, cruelty and disapproval.

That, and to get some killer point-of-view shots from the GoPro mounted on my rental scooter.

In between taking GoPro shots I’ll be attending panels, talking to people, buying toys (shut up) and generally having a good time.

If you happen to be at the show, feel free to say hi! I’m the very big bald man with a salt-and-pepper beard riding a red medical scooter. No, the other one.


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