When Do We Get To Play This Minecraft Walking Dead Mod?

Remember that 'it only does everything' campaign for the PlayStation 3? That totally should have been for Minecraft because, seriously, at this stage in the game, what can't Minecraft do? It's just ridiculous.The above GIF was posted on the Minecraft subreddit today. It's part of a modpack that will apparently be out this Spring.

I mean, the last thing the world needs right now is a video game that lets you shoot zombies. Pretty sure we've already got a ton of those. But when it's in Minecraft? It's different. It's almost as if you become aware of the work required to make something like this, almost as if that gives you a fresh appreciation for what goes into building a game. I think it's all about the ability of people to build incredible things regardless of limitations.

Regardless, this is someone shooting things and riding on a goodamn motorcycle in Minecraft. That's gotta be worth something.


    I know something Minecraft cant do. Run using a reasonable amount of bandwidth and resources for what it is.

    I install a couple of mods on a Minecraft server and the game takes 5 minutes to open and uses about 8 gig of RAM.

    It really doesn't look good enough to justify using more resources than Battlefield 4.

      First thing to do every time Minecraft gets updated is install Optifine. It seems like an astonishingly simple fix to make the game look and run better, to the extent that Minecraft feels broken without it and I wonder why Mojang doesn't just apply these fixes by default. It certainly resolved a lot of issues I was having running some of the chunkier mods, too.

      Granted, I haven't played Minecraft on PC for about 6 months now so I could be talknig completely out my arse with respect to the current day.

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        Nah, nothing substantial has changed with Minecraft's native performance. But I agree with what you said, I don't know why Mojang doesn't apply those fixes by default. But who knows why, compatability? "It runs, so no need to fix it"? I dunno...

          Notch only writes about 10 lines of code a week, give the man a break! (I don't like him)

          Seriously though, I haven't played in a while, but it was never even close to being the 'game' he said it would be. Sandbox, yes cool, but even then it was never taken far past what he had when it originally became popular. Once he started making money he pretty much stopped doing work on it, eventually hired someone to 'some-times' work on it. :(

          I was hoping for something like Terraria.

      It doesn't have the block size to be relevant. I could put up with the budget graphics if they had different block sizes. Want to make a huge block? Add lots of littles together (time consuming). Want to make small blocks? Get stuffed - You can't.

      "Blergh! It's made so much money, it's changed gaming, of course it's relevant..."

      It's not a new idea, they just filled the high demand for such a building game that people took whatever they got. If you settle for nothing now, then you'll settle for nothing later.

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