Which Diablo III Class Is Best?

Which Diablo III Class Is Best?

Current-day Diablo III is a pretty different game from the one that launched back in 2012. But for all the changes, one thing remains the same: You still have to choose a character class before you play.

Back when Diablo III first came out, I wasn’t sure which class to pick. Should I be a monk? Or a wizard? Or maybe a barbarian? (In the end, I chose monk and had a good time, although I did wind up enjoying the demon hunter a bit more for my playstyle.)

Since the “Ultimate Evil” edition of the game comes out tomorrow on consoles, complete with the new-ish Crusader class, I thought it would be a good time to ask you all which Diablo III class you’ve ultimately decided is the best. Hopefully this will also be a useful guide for new players, who may still be unsure which class to choose.

As far as what “best” means — it can mean whatever it means for you. Vote for the class you like to play the most.

Explain your pick below.


  • My Wizard is still my main, but man oh man, my carnevil WD is sooooooooooooooo much fun to play. Pea shooters of death!

    I really can’t get into the Demon Hunter for some reason. It just feels…wrong. :/

    • Wizard main, have a barbarian I love though.

      I too can’t get into the Demon Hunter for some reason.

      Crusader just feels like easy mode though.

    • Same – Wiz is still my main and I play most comfortable with it… BUT

      My Monk was a tonne of fun to play – a bit more gimmicky but loads of fun infinitely running around spinning my stick.

      Haven’t touched Crusader yet – when I get the PS4 version I may start off with it.

  • My Crusader is a powerhouse. He does me no wrong. I’ve played with a Demon Hunter and Monk… but nothing compares to the almighty.

  • Barbarian. Don’t know why though. Barb was easily my least favourite in D2, but found it to be the one I enjoyed the most in D3.

    • Barb is underpowered right now ( Will be fixed in Patch 2.1 ) but I always really enjoyed playing the class, so much fun to jump right into the middle of battle and send bodies flying.

  • I play hardcore pretty much full time now… It’s like Diablo: Dark Souls Edition…

    No, no, no, no….. potion run

  • First comment that comes to mind when reading this question: Shhhh, are you trying to start a rumble?

  • the wizard is probably the closest to being ‘OP’, whereas the crusader is a bucket of crap. so underpowered, and a 20% damage reduction nerf to 2H weapons coming in the next patch.. better make the most underpowered character in the game a little worse, ty blizzard.

    • Please tell me that’s a joke. They are absolutely demolishing right now. What build have you been running?

      I started with Wiz, got him upto around 240k damage (on character sheet) then rolled Crusader. NEVER looked back, I’ve only died 3 times on my ‘sader and he’s upto 360k damage on the char sheet.

    • Wizards are the most underpowered class in the game at the moment (with exception for monks, who I rank higher due to their massive group utility).

      2H Weapons are being buffed next patch by 20%… (To offset this, crusaders 2H passive is having an around -20% applied to it as well) . The net impact is apparently a 3% buff to Crusaders, according to blizz/testers.

      Crusaders are up there with WD and DH at the moment.

      Wizards need to be fixed, monks need to be fixed, and Barbs need something other than leapquake.

  • So far I’ve only played the barbarian, wizard & demon hunter and the latter was the one I stuck with, I quite like taking on the role of ranged damage and suppression fire in games and she was the best choice for that. I also love a glass cannon and she was good for that.

    I’m thinking of maybe trying the crusader for the PS4 one since I’ve never seen that class before or perhaps giving the wizard a proper run, depends what my coop partner picks.

  • I’ve played all except the Crusader my favorite would definitely be the Demon Hunter with elective mode on it has some of the coolest cool down combinations.

  • Witch Doctor with the giant dog was awesome. He did insane damage.
    Demon Hunter was my least favourite, just couldn’t get in to him.

  • I love Diablo 3, but found not one of the classes resonates with me like many did in Diablo 2 – hard to explain. They feel less defined as classes – more vague?

    Anyway – I think the Witch Doctor wins out for me. I wasn’t even remotely interested to begin with, but they’re such a bizarre and fun class to play. Their abilities and play style is just so unique. Loads of fun.

    Monk pulls a close second when set up for tanking. Just wading into an absolute crapstorm, pulling everything in the vicinity and utterly refusing to die while all my buddies ruin everything is amazing fun. He does bugger all damage, but he just won’t die.

    Demon Hunters elude me completely though. Think I really need to sit down and nut them out. They look like a heap of fun, but I get on and just can’t get it right – I feel clunky and ungainly. Need to figure out their abilities and resources better, methinks.

    Feel like I should be rolling a Barb for the console version – got a 70 Wiz, WD and Monk on PC – but like I said, DH eludes me, and every man and his dog is going to roll a Crusader.

    • It’s curious that people still say “roll” a character, let alone know what it means.

      I remember the days of actually rolling characters in D&D, you never knew if they were going to be a runt, a brainiac, a muscle bound brute, or both!

      I just find it funny that “roll” (randomly generate) is still terminology for modern games like Diablo where your stats are anything but random, where your stats are automatically assigned. It couldn’t be a more opposite description.

      Even games that let you assign a set number of skill points ensure everyone has an equal amount to spend. How did the term “roll” survive?

        • I was just musing about the term in general, as even I still use it. I just actually stopped and thought about it for a moment, and then my brain goes on a little soiree. I hope you didn’t take it as me taking a jab at you.

    • Monk was loads of fun – can be ultra tanky, support for coop, or you could even line it up so he dealt shitloads of single-target damage so long as the target’s alone.

  • My girlfriend (recently getting more and more into gaming since the onset of her Hearthstone addiction) and I started a co-op game today. Playing a Mage she asks “where are her clothes!? I look like a whore!?” Then she picks up an enchanted tunic and equips it and says “I still look like a whore! When does she get some clothes!?”

  • I put 60 hours into my barb when the game launched ,didn’t play any other glass because not my style I’m always the big “come at me bro” characters and always gave my mate shit for using the wussy hide as far away from battle as possible and run when the mobs walk near you classes wiz/DH
    but fast forward to RoS launch till about april/may and 390+ hours put into game with all characters lvl 70 and now my favorite character is wiz/sader
    the DH is just weak and squishy,the monk is a lame weak version of the barbarian and the barbarian is now weak compared to the sader

    But i haven’t played for 2-3 months and don’t if any character updates have occurred and will give it another go when the next big update/expansion comes out because greater rifts sound pretty fun

  • Seriously though…. F off with maintenance on Tuesdays…. I bet all the console players are playing “offline”

  • I booted up D3 for the very first time last night. Trying the Hunter class. Pretty cool. My chars hairstyle and general demeanour is pretty naff, but I understand that’s just the norm with this game.

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  • I have every class the game can offer, The Demon Hunter in 2.1 with full Marauders set is pretty boring, It’s just a put sentries down and run around class, The wizard is alright but the firebird set makes them OP and boring with just Blizzard/Meteor/Hydra.. I enjoy running my barbarian but survivability gets a bit hard, sacrificing DPS for toughness, The Crusader is just easy mode, WD with Carnevil is insane, But I love the monk, I am constantly finding new builds and once I find a really good one with a good Toughness/Damage balance and can blitz enemies, I will be happy.

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