With Dead Island 2, At Least We Know What We’re Signing Up For…

With Dead Island 2, At Least We Know What We’re Signing Up For…

The original trailer for the first Dead Island gamer is now legend. It is a touchpoint for the misleading trailer: a trailer that promises a game that we don’t end up getting. It doesn’t look like the sequel will be making the same mistake. This is the latest gameplay trailer for Dead Island 2 and it’s as clear as day: Dead Island 2 will be a game about slicing up zombies real good.

We sort of got that hint from the very first E3 trailer — which was awesome in its own way — but this gameplay trailer confirms precisely what kind of game we can expect Dead Island 2 to be. There’s no melodrama, no slow-motion, no idyllic family being torn apart by zombie children in reverse. Nothing like that: just carnage. Sheer, bloody, violent carnage. With zombies.

I’m not entirely sure that’s a game I want to play, but I have to commend the honesty here. At least I know what I’m signing up for!


    • There’s the fact they’re dead and you know, walking about and all that…

      That should’ve been your first complaint I guess. Rather than blood…

  • I’d love for a split screen multiplayer, but hopefully by the time this is out my missus will have her own tv and PS4 and we can play side by side 😀

  • Watch it be a heart retching tale in nothing but slow motion. Basically spec ops with zambies and melee combat

    Can we sue them if it doesn’t take place on an island?

  • Even with the advent of an R18 rating, I’d wager it still gets banned in Oz…”Aww but they look too much like humans…it’s too graphic…” blah blah blah shut the f**k up and stop wasting our oxygen.

  • I love Dead Island, Riptide was an alright expansion and I’m sure I will love the sequel. It does look like they upped the blood and gore factor for DI2 and that’s not a bad thing in my opinion, a little weird considering the first games enemies bleed a lot as it is. Still sometimes sequels are welcome.

  • But will it need a dozen fan-made patches to deliver on just a fraction of its potential?

    That’s what I’m really curious to know.

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