Xenoblade Chronicles Gets A Port, But Only For The New 3DS

Monolith Soft’s 2010 open-world RPG is going portable. The game will be utilising the freshly announced 3DS model’s upgraded hardware, according to Nintendo, which means it will not be playable on current 3DS consoles.

You can watch the trailer above. Xenoblade Chronicles for the New 3DS will be out in Japan next year, with no word yet on whether it will be coming to the West.

Video: GameXplain


      • Yeah – I suppose once games start coming out (that I am interested in) only for new 3DS…then I suppose I will have to upgrade. I have had a very good run with mine this last 5 years… I just feel though if we wait 2 years there will be a whole new (actual upgrade) console. i.e. the 4DS.

  • I guess this is the reason behind the unexpected addition to Shulk in SSB? hopefully we see some other interesting Wii ports.

  • Was annoyed that Xenoblade was hard to get in the ACT for the Wii but now annoyed at it being an exclusive title for a new handheld.

    Oh, well.

    Better start saving up my 5 cent coins since we probably won’t see this in Oz for a while yet.

  • Does anyone else think that the battle looks like it’s moving in slow-motion…? 😮
    At any rate, Xenoblade is absolutely a big-screen R.P.G. designed for long sittings. Even though I played 80+ hours on that game and loved it, I’m not that keen on a portable version.

    • Even in the original, there is noticeable slowdown in certain battles (ie. ones where you fight maybe 3 or more enemies). Love the game but that was a disappointing issue.

  • Please Go, please GOd, don’t let them add new features to it, or I will have to buy a new 3DS and the game and play it all over again just to experience the new features of this fantastic game.

  • I was annoyed when I heard this as Xenoblade is near impossible to find in the ACT, but as long as Smash Bros and the Hoenn remakes aren’t exclusive (and they’re not) I’ll be okay 😛

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