You Can Wear A PS4 Box In Metal Gear Solid V

You Can Wear A PS4 Box In Metal Gear Solid V

Today at Gamescom, instead of showing off actual new gameplay footage from Metal Gear Solid V, director Hideo Kojima came out and gave us this...

Hahahahahahaha. Hideo Kojima, you are the best.


    Still got that awesome fourth wall breaking awesomeness.

      Uhhh having never played MSG I was under the impression that it was a little more .... serious. Am I mistaken?

        It's odd. Sometimes it IS deadly serious and sometimes it's playful silly like this (MGS2 in particular). Other times still, Kojima tries to be serious, but it comes across so overblown, cheesy and melodramatic it's actually more funny than anything.

        I'm a big MGS fan, but let's just say subtle and nuanced storytelling ala Bioshock or TLoU isn't his forte.

          This is really putting me off. Enough with the goddamn box and horse shit. Seriously!

            Yeah, between the debacle that was Ground Zeroes and the lack of REAL gameplay for Phantom Pain, my hopes aren't quite as strong as they used to be.

            You're being put off of a Metal Gear a cardboard box.


              Its getting too much now. Not funny anymore. Wasnt funny in any of the games. I get it, the box is signature but its gotten out of control now.

                ...I see the words you've typed but I still can't wrap my head around it. What heresy is this?

                If anything they should bring the Tank box back from Peace Walker. Surely one must have survived the fall of Mother Base.

          That video has totally won me over to MGS! Never played a single one. Everytime I read the reviews or the history about Solid Snakes and Big Bosses and Gun Ocelots I get totally confused. Is that actually their names? What on earth is going on?????????

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        It is mostly. It has this weird mix of gravitas and occasional absurd humour that shouldn't work, but does.

        The Metal Gear series is an interesting beast. It can be downright silly and comical one moment and utterly serious and heavy the next, and somehow it can do that so quickly it defies belief.

        So to answer your question, it's a serious work but it can still poke fun at itself and defuse the tension.

    haha don't ever change Kojima. Sexy carboardbox stealth

    I was worried MGSV wouldn't have as many silly moments, but thank god for this.

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