You Really Shouldn't Google 'Pokken' Images Right Now

You Really Shouldn't Google

Pokkén! It's Pokémon meetsTekken, so, hey, that's a clever title. Maybe. And you might be interested in the game, but whatever you do, don't google "Pokken". Seriously, don't.

"Pokken" is not only the name of the upcoming Pokémon arcade fighter, Pokké n Tournament, but also the Dutch word for smallpox. And, here, via Interglot, is pokken's translation:

You Really Shouldn't Google

So, if you Google Image search, "Pokken Tournament", "Pokemon Pokken" or "Pokken Fighters", you get image results similar to this:

You Really Shouldn't Google

And if you search by the game's Japanese title ポッ拳 (Pokken), you get this:

You Really Shouldn't Google

But, as Japanese Pokémon fan site Pokemon Matome points out, if you simply search "Pokken", you get numerous smallpox photos, some of which are certainly not for the squeamish (Kotaku edited the images below):

You Really Shouldn't Google

While there is an English language trailer for this game, the actual trailer does not have a Pokkén title logo — which might suggest that the inevitable localised version will have a different title.

However, the trailer's YouTube title reads, "POKKÉN TOURNAMENT: First Look!" And if you google around with "Pokken" in Roman letters, you'll probably turn up smallpox results.

【ググるな危険】ポッ拳の英語名『POKKEN』がヤバい 画像検索はやめたほうがいいぞ! [Pokemon Matome]


    Yet another search for pokemon images turns into a nightmare

    for some reason people who look like pokemon porn get sent my blog -which does talk about Pokemon but not porn & definitely not a combo of the two.

    but whatever you do, don’t google “Pokken”. Seriously, don’t.Now look at the things we're telling you not to look up...

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