You'll Hate The Ending To Mass Effect's Honest Trailer

Video: If I came away with anything from this spoiler-heavy Honest Game Trailer for the Mass Effect trilogy, it's that I would have probably enjoyed the games more had they been titled "Battletoad and the Space Jesus".

Everyone would really. Who cares about slow elevators when you're playing "Battletoad and the Space Jesus?" Who is going to get bent out of shape when the grand finale of "Battletoad and the Space Jesus" doesn't jive with their idea of how a story should end?

That's it, I'm going to mock-up new DVD inserts.


    I will never look back on Mass Effect 3 positively. Not because it wasn't a great game but because of how it revealed the emotional immaturity of an entire creative industry's audience. The fact that people believe certain preferences towards story are inherently "right" [stupid, gay - and the most useless criticism used by the layman - plot holes] and are entirely unable to come up with a consistent definition of the word "choice" - resulting in people claiming something doesn't have something because they just didn't get something at whatever time they expected the something. We are entirely unable to accept "mechanics as metaphor" as even existing because the people who don't understand it just claim it isn't there because it complicates arguments. I mean, the picture here is pretty easy to see; lots of people have spent times on stories that ended up disappointing them but the expectation that you, yourself deserve anything at all (despite the anger that comes with criticising something you're completely ignorant of) is insane. Spiderman 3 sucked, and you didn't even need to be a moron to see why but what mob picked up its pitchforks and demanded it be changed for them? Most embarrassing saga in recent video game history.

      In my opinion, it was the culmination of a hate-hate relationship between consumers and publishers. Both sides dropped to seriously immature levels; both complainers and EA itself.

      Fans were already up in arms over From Ashes, which made exclusive what they felt was an integral piece of the actual game itself. Somebody then suggested after people were left mouth agape after the ending that EA would be so bold as to withhold the real ending itself to sell later (which with EA's infamous reputation, sounded plausible) and then EA kicked the whole thing off by silencing the developer and not allowing them to address complaints, instead choosing to attack their own consumers.

      At the end of the day, it was at the cost of Bioware's reputation, which is the most tragic aspect. Pleasingly however, EA has managed to get itself back on track and improve it's image over the past year, as well as learning their lesson and giving Bioware plentiful time to complete their next title.
      Mass Effect 4 might be a hard sell still, but from what I've seen from the concept footage thus far, I really do like that Bioware is choosing to go back to the roots with a ME1 style game.

        It cost all of the goodwill that I had left for Bioware. I honestly couldn't care less about ME4 or anything put out by EA. I won't buy any of it, I won't even dignify it with a download from tpb.

        @losturtel All I wanted from ME3 was some logical consistency. As a game, it gripped me for 99% of the plot. The end we got was just awful from a story telling point of view. Sure, Bioware don't owe me anything and it serves me right for pre ordering the game. Happily, I can say that it won't happen again. I won't spend another dollar on a company that is willing to nickle and dime me while pretending that they are doing me a favour by shitting on my favorite franchises.

        Never again.

          Star Wars Battlefront and Mirrors Edge 2. I don't mind EA Access either.

          I'm a total sellout though.

            Those two games look great, but EA is like Saddam Hussein from South Park:


      Without even touching on the 'do fans deserve anything issue,' which you'll actually find a great great many artists fall on the side of 'yes, I owe my fans something that lives to up to what they've come to expect,' I challenge you to find more than a handful of decent writers who will argue there's no such thing as bad writing. Without pulling out the fallacious line that 'writing is subjective.' Things can be both subjective mediums as a whole while still containing objectively bad pieces of work, things as simple as complimentary colours aren't baseless buzz words, you can literally observe the way our neurons react to the coupling of specific colours.

      Perhaps you only mean to express dissapointment at the vocal crowd who demanded Bioware return to the project and rework it, but I'd heartily disagree with the premise that, regarding Mass Effect 3, people simply failed to "get something at whatever time they expected the something." A more accurate statement would follow that people 'failed to get something, period."
      I have never and will never be on the side of the fence that clamoured for altering a creative work, (at least not unless the writer/artist/etc decides they want to without outside pressure) but I have always and will always be on the side of the fence that saw a failure to deliver cohesion, context or closure for the steaming turd that it was/is.

      I'm curious to see how you explain how plot holes are a "useless criticism".

        Probably because there weren't that many plot holes? Certainly not enough to warrant that kind of criticism. The re-vamped ending basically took more time to explain what was already the main thrust - there was no real 'do over', just more connections between the dots for the people who obviously needed it. If you've ever watched the most popular 'indoctrination theory' video, you'll see a plethora of so-called plot-holes which are complete and utter bullshit. Contrived inconsistencies all of which are very, very, very easily explained in-game or are utterly insignificant details that were less 'plot holes' than 'minor compromises made due to limitations of the fact that this is a video game'.

        Infinite ammo in an end sequence is not part of some dream sequence or a sign of failing reality, but a design decision implemented to ensure that the sequence can actually be completed, in the unfortunately likely event that some idiot decides to drain their gun to see what happens. The fact that Shep falls behind Anderson in a constantly-shifting architecture and an unknown period unconscious kind of speaks for itself, just like the existence - or lack thereof - of TREES in a section of earth which happen to resemble those from a dream sequence, possibly due to either recycled models or the fact that even in real life, some types of tree are commonly planted due to the fact that they grow well in urban environments and are consistently used by local councils due to their ease of maintenance. Those credulous halfwits even make a big deal out of the fact that Command knows to contact Shep on the Citadel opening, when previously thinking that she was dead due to, oh, I don't know, the fact that there are signs of her mission actually getting completed and comms coming back online... Just all sorts of really contrived shit that people were so DESPERATE to convince themselves were plot holes, when they weren't.

        People complained about the endings being practically the same, which beggars belief when you consider the difference between the end result of a harmonious utopia synth-hybrid society of rebuilding and advancement using the unlocked secrets of technology from millenia, compared to the decimated remnants of a civilization locked into near-irreversible isolation in a veritable dark-age technology regression? That's the SAME? What the HELL kind of drug would someone be on, to believe that? Ohhhhh, I know why they think those things are the same... because the same thing happens to SHEPARD. Fuck the universe, they wanted different endings for a character who was publicly declared to have their story ending definitively, well in advance of the game's release. People are upset they didn't get to run off into the sunset and have turian or quarian babies or whatever.

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          Kotaku AU: Come for the articles, stay for the Transientmind comments.
          The second spoiler got eaten though.

            Ta. And yeah, dunno what the s tag's deal is... there was nothing there but a line break.

            Also, don't get me wrong. I would LOVE for Indoctrination Theory to have been a real thing which is real, for the big Bioware reveal and DLC down the track to be, "PSYCHE! Here's what ACTUALLY happened!" etc, etc. No-one's done that as far as I know - played something straight, then subverted it in a way that very convincingly portrayed that the new reveal was the one that was planned all along. That just wasn't the case this time. We got a fairly obvious, if bittersweet, resolution, and an explanation ripped straight out of The Matrix. "Yes Neo/Shepard, we've done all this before, destroying your kind then letting it re-emerge, but because you are somehow different this time, we see that the cycle cannot continue and will thus let you choose a NEW outcome." "Gee, thanks Starchild/Architect! I can't wait to live in this strange new future of unknown possibilities!" "Yeah, about that..."

            But as it was, it was just tea-leaf readers and soothsayers divining meaning from clouds.

              It would've been pretty awesome. To have something like that, hidden in the details, and not have the storytellers beating you over the head with it.

    More like: You'll Hate The Ending To Mass Effect.
    This was one of my favourite franchises, but the more i look back on number 2 and especially number 3, i can't help but see a degrade in quality.

      Hey, number 2 was pretty awesome. It was just a different 'style' of awesome then the first game which understandably is worse to some people. 3 on the other hand was just disappointing all around. Even ignoring the ending, there was just so much missing or 'empty' that it was just crap in comparison to either of the other 2 (IMO).

    What a very Buzzfeed-esque article title.

    Really wish people would somehow twig to the fact that the Mass Effect series had a beginning, middle, and end, and that each game in the series was one of those stages. The ENTIRE GAME of 3 was the end, and I cannot believe that anyone with even half a critical eye could not see all the 'consequences of decisions' being wrapped up in very clearly-finalized bows for them as they went about the game.

      Story-wise I agree with you (I personally thought the DLC/extended ending tidied that up mostly).

      The problem I had is that Mass Effect 3 was supposed to be a game, not just a movie - the gameplay shouldn't be thrown out just because "it's the ending."
      Where was the Mako (or the flying thing from ME2)? What happened to being able to explore the galaxy (hell even exploring a world, not just small corridors)? Why was a major character/storyline day 1 DLC?

      There's also the issue of Bioware dropping/ignoring all the ME2 characters even after people complained about them doing the same to the ME1 characters in ME2...
      My sister had Garrus as a love interest, she thought ME3 was a great ending there but we both felt sorry for anyone who picked Thane lol.

        I think people who never played ME had Garrus as a love interest.

          Whatever you do, do not look up Garrus Vakarian on google image search without safesearch on.

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