10-15 More Years, And Games Might Actually Look Like This

10-15 More Years, And Games Might Actually Look Like This

Silicon Studio from Japan are, as you might recall, known for working on the Bravely Default series, and for their rather incredible next-gen engine, which they demoed with a short clip back in April. Now, they're back, with their tech looking better than ever.

The premise seems to be the same as in the last video, with the cute orange waddling robot trying to put together an old camera in a museum. And of course, the demo itself is real-time — not that we'll see this level of detail in games anytime soon, mind you.

If the little guy is supposed to be the museum's caretaker, it's doing a pretty good job.

Rendering Engine Mizuchi Tech Demo — "Museum" [Silicon Studio@YouTube]


    GAMES SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS NOW! as most pc owners already know and thanks to the UNREAL 4 demo and EPIC games stating , games really should look like this now, but thanks to the powers that be and the console crap, we will never have decent looking games that run on current hardware, they are all made for crappy consoles that have 1/4 of the power of a PC. go figure...... its just all about the money and NOTHING is about the tech any more. I really do hate MS XBOX and their disk parity laws so all games must be the same on ALL platforms for games to be sold for XBOX, thanks to them all games in the past and the future will be ruined by this law. and don't get me started on the massive amounts of money that MS/Xbox payed for GTA V to be exclusive to them. real reason is disk parity, as there is no way that they could have released a PARITY game for the pc as it would have been noticeable SHIT. been like this for years, nothings going to change, cos no one wants to talk about DISK PARITY LAWS. am I the only one that knows this.... geez

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      I own all current Gen consoles and a very high end PC and totally agree, consoles did originally help gaming just to have the audience and interest boosted but these days they are holding back the progression of gaming in almost everyway.

        You always hear the developers say "With the new gen consoles we can really push it further" .. We've had the power for years now on PC but has been left unutilised because of consoles.


      Sure looks like it.

      Not sure if serious, or...

      Nice graphics are great, but nice graphics isn't progress. Also, I'd hardly say that tech is lagging behind. There's a buttload of stuff on the horizon for PC that's pushing tech forward. The Witcher 3, for example looks insane.

        Watched many 'advances' in graphics over the years, they didn't all mean better games - In fact I remember a time when games where 'pretty' but with little advances to game play.

        What would i see as true 'next level' gaming? Co-operative RPG (Fallout/Skyrim with mate(s) - not MMO but a real RPG), VR that Occulus rift & assoc hardware offers, Better AI, real environmental damage & physics, etc etc - I think we have had games for long enough to realise a pretty package aint everything

      Forget Epic and Unreal. I think to understand this clearly you just have to look at the Cryengine.

      It went from Far Cry to Crysis in a three years of years. The difference is staggering. Engines like Frostbite are still catching up to a lot of stuff built into the Cryengine back in 2007.

      All that has really happened with consoles in the last few years are superficial tricks for making games look better. Far Cry 3 in some screens could looks better than Crysis, but when it comes to what the game engine is doing, the world building, they are still miles apart.

      Where could the Cryengine have gone in the 7 years since if it wasn't stuck have to appeal to consoles.

      Waaa! Microsoft are the big evil corporation suppressing the PC master race Waaa!, where is your evidence for this, there are plenty of games on the PC that have much better specs than on the consols , Show me this huge microsoft conspiracy! hell Xbox isn't even the leading console brand . And if this consol conspiracy dose exist surly devs don't have to release on the consols, there are plenty of PC exclusives. Is the PC market not big enough that a dev can release a super graphically intense game exclusively on PC and make money off it? and if it cant then you kind of need a reality check these companies don't exist to make charity for the 5 guys who own super computers.

      The real reason games don't look like this now is:
      1) Its really expensive to pay artists to make something at that quality. 100s of Artists work 60hr weeks for just one scene in the Hobbit films.
      2) Game Developers want as many people as possible to play their game, not just folks with High End PCs.
      3) Keeping something looking this good while still interactive, is hard, and not really the point of a game. Fun > Pretty.

      That said, awesome work Silicon Studios. I look forward to seeing what gets made with it.
      If I was a Graphics programmer instead of gameplay... I would be sending in my CV ;)

      Well beside the obvious standardisation for consoles (otherwise the game would sell probably 1/100th of it's usual market) we have to consider how much resources would go into making graphics of this calibre... Unless game devs get budgets bigger than film companies, it wouldnt be viable cost wise to hire on the man power to get all this stuff done within a reasonable time haha. When VR is better and more people take up interaction over movies, we might get what we're looking for :(

    A little bit rough / jagged in the movement as the robot picks up the camera but otherwise very pretty.
    10-15 years you say...? Keeps me going that it will arrive quicker than 5 cabs im still waiting on from last week

    That music...

    This is a raytraced demo running in realtime? On what hardware?

      Looking at the reflections it looks like it's still using environment mapping. Raytracing is still too advanced for even a triple 780ti SLi to be able to run 60+ fps at 1080p resolution in real time as there are billions of computations required for all of the light rays and photons.

    Impressive, but be aware that this, as most of these type of demos that have appeared in the past, are dealing with hard surface subjects.

    Things get much, much trickier when you throw walking, talking human (and other organic) characters into the mix.

      Its nothing billion dollar companies like ea, ubisoft, sony, microsoft etc cant handle. But instead what we are getting are downgraded crap all thanks to the weak current gen consoles and marketing.

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    Games looking realistic is cool and everything but they are so overrated.

      How do you even overrate something you havent even seen or played?

        I'm referring to AAA titles having a huge focus on trying to make games look as realistic as possible and lacking in originality. The best games I've played these last 2 years are 100% unrealistic but fun and vibrant. I've played and seen countless games trying to be realistic but a vast majority are unbelievably boring. I understand everybody's opinion is different and I just felt I needed to elaborate a bit. That's cool if you like realism I just use gaming as a escape from reality and the further away it is then the better.

          Im talking about realism in terms of graphics. We all want to escape reality thats why we are gamers:)

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